Green Initiatives at The Orchid Hotels

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Today, the whole world is tilting towards a more eco friendly way of life as we realise the importance of environmental conservation. At Orchid Hotels, we have adopted methods aimed at preserving the environment from the onset with subtle thought put into the architecture, use of natural resources and waste disposal at all our hotel premises.

The Orchid Hotel in Mumbai is one of the crown gems of Orchid Hotels, designed with utmost care for environment, our hotel is the first hotel in Asia to win the Ecotel Certification and has received innumerable awards since beginning operation. The Orchid – Ecotel Hotel in Mumbai remains one of only six hotels worldwide to maintain this certification.

Kudos is due to the owner Dr. Vithal Kamat the management and staff for this terrific feat. So it is with great joy that we invite you, to be our guests and celebrate not just a stay with us, but also to join in, and bring a much needed eco awareness in our way of life.

To maintain a strong Environment Program, The Orchid has various initiatives in the areas of:

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Conservation and Preservation
  • Environmental Commitment
  • Employee Environmental Education and Community Involvement
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Orchid Hotels  green initiatives the orchid hotel mumbai bombay

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management is an important aspect of environmental responsibility given the amount of waste that is sent to landfills all over the world. We follow the 3R theory - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to manage waste efficiently.

We segregate our solid waste in all the kitchens of the hotel. Four separate colour coded bins are used for storing the separated waste.

  • Black Bin- for the wet garbage like food waste
  • Green Bin: for Paper waste like newspaper, cardboard cartons, paper napkin etc.
  • White Bin: for the Recyclable waste like empty mineral water bottles, tin cans, thick plastic bags, parcel packets, stirrers, soft drink cans/tins, etc.
  • Red Bin: Used for non-recyclable garbage like oil packets, soiled aluminium foil, cling wrap etc.

The food waste or wet waste is decomposed in the hotel premises. A Vermiculture area has been set up for converting this food waste into organic manure or 'vermicompost'. This rich and fertile vermicompost is then used as a fertilizer for the gardens.

Energy Efficient

We incorporated energy efficient designs and systems into the hotel from the very beginning.

  • The hotel's ceiling has a Skylight which permits sunlight to enter into the atrium of the hotel providing natural light and reducing the amount of energy utilized for lighting the lobby and corridors.
  • The hotel uses energy efficient lighting such as CFL and LED. The signage of the hotel which was earlier neon is now LED based saving tremendous amount of energy.
  • A Renewable source of energy - Solar energy is harnessed through Solar panels that are installed on the roof of the hotel.
  • The Master Control Panel in the Guest rooms is incorporated with an Ecobutton, which when pressed increases the AC temperature of the room by 2 degrees Celsius thus conserving energy.

Water Conservation and Preservation

With only 3% of the world's water being fresh water, the hotel has employed various techniques to preserve this vital resource.

  • In our bathrooms we have installed aerators in taps and special flushes which reduce water consumption by nearly 50% when compared to conventional ones.
  • A Sewage Treatment Plant runs 24 hours and 7 days a week to ensure that waste water is treated so that it can be reused for gardening - thereby reducing the consumption of fresh water.
  • The Save Our Planet Program encourages our guests to reuses their linen and save water.

Environmental Commitment

  • The Orchid proves its sincere commitment to the environment by using potted plants instead of cut flowers and using paper that has at least 25% recycled content.
  • Guest Room amenities include herbal toiletries and stationery made from environmentally friendly material.
  • Swimming pool water and Drinking Water is treated using Ozone instead of carcinogenic Chlorine.

Employee Environmental Education and Community Involvement

Environmental awareness amongst the hotel team members is vital for us to maintain our commitment to the environment. Therefore, we regularly conduct training programs and activities for team members in a fun manner. For example, we have organized photography and banner competitions with the theme of 'Environment Preservation'. We have a three day training program that includes a session from the Environment Officer who briefs the new team members of the hotels environmental systems. During the training we show the team members documentary called 'Cutting Carbon Footprints". Our team is informed about pressing issues that pertain to the environment and are motivated to bring about change not only in the workplace but also in their homes.

Activities which involve the community are also conducted on a bi-monthly basis where team members go on rallies, visit schools, perform plantation drives etc. to spread the message of environmental preservation. These activities are organized by The Orchid's Green Team. The team comprises of two members from each department of the hotel. Over four hundred thousand students from various schools and colleges over the last decade have been educated on environmental issues by the team.

Past activities also include composting of nirmalaya generated during the festival of Ganesh, 'Say no to fire crackers" Rally, distribution of vermicompost and seeds to our guests, employees and community, etc.