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GOA can be compared to most other favored holiday places in the world. Due to its historical influences in the past and its ideal geographical location, Goa is now a tourist paradise.

It would be interesting to know that Goa was under Portuguese rule for almost 450 years. The Portuguese first arrived in Goa in the late 14th century in search of spices and made Goa their trade capital. During the entire reign of the Portuguese, Goa underwent a gradual change, culturally as well as socially. By mid 17th century, Goa's decline as a commercial port affected the Portuguese' survival for power against the Dutch and the British. This further affected the lifestyle of the people and was visible in all areas of living. Even today, Goa has a distinct Mediterranean flavor. It is easily noticed in the architecture of the churches, temples, government buildings and even homes. This European influence filters down in the way people dress, what they eat and their social life..

The geographical location of Goa is ideally suited to most tourists arriving from any part of the world. Goa is snugly tucked between the hills of the Western Ghats on the East, Arabian Sea to the west, Maharashtra's coastline to the North, and Karnataka's coastline to the South. This tiny territory covers 1350 sq. miles (3500 sq. kms)

Goa is a beach lover's paradise. There are innumerable beaches and beach resorts beginning from the northern tip of Goa to the southern tip. These resorts cater to the 5 star tourists as well as the traveler on a tight budget. In the last decade or two, Goa has gained popularity with the honeymooners as well.

It is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Goa definitely would reach every man's heart as the Moguls, Westerners and Indians have influenced it.

Having a rich multi cultural background, Goa celebrates quite a few festivals with the same enthusiasm and vigor. The locals seem to be musically inclined, so music can be heard regularly at most eateries, beaches, pubs or bars as well as homes.

Most people in Goa connected to the hospitality industry converse in English and this helps in a major way.

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