Restaurants & Dining at The Orchid Mumbai Vile Parle

The Orchid Mumbai Vile Parle boasts about having one of the best 5 star hotel restaurant in Mumbai due to a wide range of cuisines which you can enjoy here. We have 4 excellent restaurants which offer some delectable dining. The South of Vindhyas is the best restaurant in Vile Parle when it comes to authentic South Indian food, and Mostly Grills is the rooftop restaurant in Mumbai which offers some excellent grills. You can also enjoy a range of cuisines and drinks at Merlin’s Karaoke Bar and Boulevard.

Four southern states lie to the south of the Vindhya Mountains. Each has its own special cuisine and flavors. A very popular haunt for many, this restaurant, so named to celebrate the famous cuisines of the south, promises and delivers authentic local specialties as well as some fusion recipes.

An open air restaurant on the roof top, 'Mostly Grills' is exactly that. The chefs grill and barbecue the freshly imported meat cuts to your choosing of rare, medium or well done.

Shaken or stirred, at Merlin's bar, you get what you order. There's music and karaoke to keep you happy. Merlin's is open till 3:00am in the morning, so you don't have to hurry back.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or maybe brunch or tea it doesn't matter. Any time any day just walk in for a feast or a bite. You can have your choice from either Indian or Asian or Continental menus.