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Chefs helpful tips

  Wash and cut fresh green vegetables e.g. spinach and immerse them in boiling water. When they get a bright green color, remove them and immediately cool them by immersing them in ice cold water. This process is called blanching an is an effective way of retaining the color of green vegetables thus enhancing the appearance of your dish.

  Apply little oil on the tips of your fingers with which you are going to hold the chilies for chopping. This will prevent your fingers from experiencing a burning sensation that one normally gets after chopping fresh chilies.

  Whenever you want to coat anything with eggs and breadcrumbs e.g.croquettes, add a dash of water to the beaten eggs. This ensures even coating of the crumbs and prevents lumps on the coated surface.

  Peel onions and refrigerate them for 5 minutes before cutting them. This prevents tears coming out of your eyes.

  Before using mushrooms rub little refined flour on mushrooms and then wash them under running water. This ensures that the mushrooms are free from dirt.

  Before cooking cauliflower, cut and leave them in salted water for 15 minutes. This takes out any worms that might be present in the cauliflower.

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