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Legislative Compliance and Native Land Preservation

in keeping with our eco-friendly commitment, we have implemented the following :

sewage treatment plant
At The Orchid we even recycle our waste water. With the latest technology, all the waste water & sludge is treated and the treated water is reused in areas like the air conditioning & gardening.

air scrubber for boiler
At The Orchid we have taken steps to reduce air pollution by installing what is known as Air Scrubbers in the boiler outlet connected with the chimney. The boiler produces a high amount of carbon dioxide fumes which pass through the scrubber and are emitted through the chimney. The fumes emitted are clear white fumes instead of the dark / black fumes usually seen. This is because water is sprayed on the fumes as they pass through the scrubber, causing the carbon dioxide to dissolve and settle down in the shower traps. Thus clear fumes are emitted into the air. The consumption of water is 300-600 litres per hour for 1000-meter cube of gas, reducing the fume gas temperature from 250 degrees C to 50 degrees C. The water utilized in the air scrubber is recycled water from the Sewage treatment plant (STP). A similar type of equipment, installed in the kitchen exhaust system, is called 'air washer' and works on the same principles.

ozone for waste water & effluent treatment
Waste water treatment with ozone, helps in reducing BOD & COD, deodorises, decolourising and disinfection. As ozone is a very powerful oxidising agent, next only to fluorine, it oxidises very effectively in waste water treatment. The half-life of ozone in water is only 20 minutes (approx.). Hence there is no residual toxicity in the treated water. Thus it is termed as one of the most environmentally friendly treatments that can be given to any waste water, effluent and sewage.

As ozone also has a micro flocculant property, it aids in filtration to reduce the turbidity further. The water after treatment can be reused for varying uses or discharged into the sewage as it meets the pollution control norms.

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