Adventure Activities to Try Out in Pune | Adventure Places in Pune

Adventure Activities to Try Out in Pune

Pune, the Oxford of the East, is considered to be a city filled with various sources of enjoyment and entertainment. Populated with the most number of educational institutions, historic landmarks and temples, the city has something for everyone. Apart from these, Pune is also quite the place to embark on exhilarating activities. It is the hub for adventure lovers where explorers can test their hands on fun-filled sports, ranging from paragliding and trekking to bungee jumping and camping.

A man bungee jumping  -Fort JadhavGADH

Go bungee jumping in Pune

Bungee jumping is an adventure sport that is slowly gaining quite the attention of adventure lovers. As the sport gains more popularity, several expeditions are sprawling up in different metropolitan cities to give people the thrill of bungee jumps. There are several adventure places in Pune that offer bungee jumping facilities along with a plethora of other thrilling activities. There are three major places where you can bungee jump: Kolad, Jogeshwari and Lonavla. Each jump costs between Rs 1500 to Rs 2500. In some places, you will also receive a certificate after a successful bungee jump!

A group of people trekking  -Fort JadhavGADH

Trek amid the wilderness

Many love the thrill of challenging sports, especially when it brings them closer to nature. Thus, trekking in Pune offers an experience in itself to nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers. The city offers beautiful trekking areas with panoramic views of hills and valleys in the backdrop. The most dominant trekking trails here are Hadsgar Trek and Korigaad Trek. Hadsgar Trek is best for beginners. It has rock-cut stairs to the peak and takes around six hours to complete the trek. Comparatively, Korigaad Trek is a shorter trek of about two hours that takes explorers straight into the lush mountains crossing river streams and cisterns of water.

People paragliding against the evening sky  -Fort JadhavGADH

Cruise through the sky while paragliding

Another quite interesting activity to take part in is paragliding. The city offers several places where it can be done. Some of these places include Kamshet, Paradar, Panchgini and Kanifnath. They offer incredible aerial views of Pune's natural terrain, from towering cliffs to verdant valleys. Paragliding in Pune is the natural detox routine that you need if you are already overburdened with the bustling city life. Wear comfortable clothes and tinted goggles and begin cruising across the blue sky!

Camping at night

Become one with nature while night camping in Pune

Due to its splendid views, night camping in Pune is quite a thrilling experience for nature lovers. The city offers several camping spots - the pristine Pawna Lake campsite, Torna Fort and Kolad. Camping is the perfect way to relax and spend quality time with friends and family. Embrace the calming vibe of nature as you gaze upon the stars. You can also light up a bonfire and sit around it while playing games and having a gala time.

Among other adventures, you can also try out rappelling in Pune. Waterfalls like Dudhiware, Bekare and Kondana offer thrilling waterfall rappelling. And after a long day of engaging in such adventure activities in Pune, treat yourself to a restful stay at one of the best hotels - Fort Jadhavgadh. The hotel also provides trekking facilities along with bird watching, fishing, swimming and more. For a more relaxed experience, head out to the wellness spa at the hotel.