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Reasons to visit Fort JadhavGADH on weekdays

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Beat the heat this summer and head over to Fort JadhavGADH in Pune. Our Heritage Resort helps you escape the humdrum of everyday life and enjoy the little things like a relaxing massage, birdwatching, trekking and much more.  Our heritage fort in Pune is inspired by the Maratha way of life and as such it has a variety of amenities and facilities to help you enjoy a royal stay. Some of the must-see places in Pune include places like Purandar Fort, Balaji Temple, Narayanpur, Koregaon Temple and many other places of tourist interest. 

Don't put off your plans anymore, visit Fort JadhavGADH on the weekdays and enjoy a host of offers like the Spacation wherein you can enjoy the many rejuvenating and healing techniques adopted from various ancient cultures. Our experienced masseuses knead away all your anxiety and stress and help bring forth a brand new you.   

Come, discover yourself amidst the rustic charm that emanates at one of the best resorts in Pune.