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Plan the perfect getaway in Nashik with our 3-day itinerary. Our travel guide will help you to explore the remarkable temples and beautiful vineyards in Nashik.

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While the Kumbh Mela of Prayagraj & Haridwar are much known, here we would talk about Kumbh Mela in Nashik as it welcomes millions of devotees with open arms.

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Nashik, the “Grape Capital of India”, is a stunning city located in Maharashtra. Read more to learn about the magnificent wineries and vineyards of Nashik.

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Nashik is celebrated for its abundant production of redolent grapes. It is home to some of the leading wineries in the country. Learn about them and start exploring!

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Nashik is well known for its retail areas and is a jackpot for compulsive buyers. A variety of goods are available, ranging from handicrafts, silverware, and trinkets to antique copper artefacts and brass statues.

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The city of Nashik, which is a part of the Maharashtra state, is well-known for its mythical and historical significance. This city's name has a particular meaning as well. According to Hindu mythology, this is the same location where Lord Laxman cut Surpanakha's nose.

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The lights that guide every goal and the prayers that enlighten every soul, Diwali, is a carnival that dominates light over darkness.

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Try all the lip-smacking delicacies near our hotel in Nashik.

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Nashik is one of the holy places in India where the extravagant Kumbha Mela held. Lord Rama along with wife Sita and brother Laxman settled down in Nashik for the major time of their "Vanwasa".

Kalaram Mandir Nashik

The temple trail of Nashik is a set of must visit pilgrimage locations for tourists and corporate guests visiting the city of Nashik.

Lit diyas at Shri Kalaram Temple

Kamfotel Hotel Nashik, holds a special importance to the thousands of pilgrims who take the Pune- Nashik Highway towards the many famous temples nearby Nashik.

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There are amazing places for street shopping in the wine capital of India. We have listed a few of these places where you can buy amazing stuff at affordable prices. Add a souvenir to your luggage to keep memories of this trip forever.

Pandavleni Caves near Nasik

Pandavleni Caves also, known as the Nashik Caves, is one of the most iconic tourist spots in Nashik. Here is a complete guide for you, in case you are planning to visit the Pandavleni Caves.

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Nashik, a sacred and historic city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, has ties to the epic Ramayana. Devotees travel in large numbers to seek blessings at the various holy sites scattered around the city.