Diwali - The Carnival of Lights

people enjoying lanterns in the sky during diwali

From the space above, the aliens are probably wondering about the mysterious country that gracefully stands under the spotlight glowing like a massive fireball. The lights that guide every goal and the prayers that enlighten every soul, Diwali, is a carnival that dominates light over darkness. It is the largest Hindu festival celebrated across the country enticing love and light.
Traditionally, Diwali is a celebration of the return of Lord Rama from 14 years of exile. Every state in India commemorates the celebration of Diwali in a unique way, but Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, stand out from the map. They host the festival in an exceptional way and invite the world for the celebration of the divine.

Lot of lit diyas amidst the night

Uttar Pradesh

The former home-land of Lord Rama, Ayodhya, resides in Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in the country. Ayodhya and Varanasi create an everlasting affair with you under the reason of Diwali. People carry earthen lamps and walk to River Ganges and let them float on the surface, spreading light everywhere. The evening is followed by chants and prayers dedicated to Lord Rama where the entire state unite under the single roof.


Maharashtra, the state that needs no introduction, houses the major part of Lord Rama’s exile journey. It is believed that he stayed in Panchavati, a place very close to now called, ‘Nashik’. Maharashtra never leaves a chance to trigger its obsession towards Diwali. With enormous passion and zest living in every street, they welcome Goddess Laxmi to their homes by offering mouth-watering delicacies and many more.

diwali crackers in the sky at Kamfotel hotel in Nashik

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