Nashik - The Grape Capital of India

Nashik, also known as the “Grape Capital of India”, is a stunning city located in Maharashtra. Brimming with magnificent wineries and vineyards, it offers an enlightening and thrilling experience to all wine enthusiasts. The geographical positioning of Nashik is ideal for grape plantations. Forget about Bordeaux and visit the charming vineyards of Nashik. Encompassed by the undulating valleys of Sanjegaon and the pristine Godavari River, Nashik is the best place in India to delve into the world of fine wine.

Why is Nashik called the “Grape Capital of India”?

As the leading producer of grapes in India, Nashik accounts for almost 55 percent of the total grape exports from the country. Owing to its favourable climate and advantageous location, it produces around 20 tonnes of grapes every year. Kalvan, Sinnar, Peint Igatpuri, Niphad, and Malegaon are some of the prominent places for grape cultivation. Over the years, Nashik has seen a rise in trade with countries that include the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

a view of grapes hanging from the tree during daytime
a man holding a bunch of grapes in his hands

Nashik has a fascinating history of grape and wine production. In 1966, a Standford graduate named Rajeev Samant returned to India with imported grapes like Sauvignon blanc, Chenin blanc, and Zinfandel, which he then cultivated on his land. Later in 1997, Kerry Damskey, a wine entrepreneur from California, shared his expertise in winemaking at Nashik. This led to the origin of Sula, the leading producer of wine in India.

Best Time to Visit the Grapevines

The beautiful vineyards are open to visitors all year round. However, the grape season in Nashik is the best time to visit these farms. If you are looking to witness the ripening of the grapes, do stop by in the months of January, February and March. Winter and Monsoon transform Nashik into a paradisical beauty. Get mesmerized by the cold and misty hamlet while sipping on your wine. The lush green valleys caressed by the enchanting Godavari River are a cherry on top!

grapes hanging from the tree during daytime
A vast grapevine with the sun rising in the backdrop

Popular Vineyards in Nashik

Apart from being the largest grape producer, Nashik is also famous for its wineries. In recent years, India has seen a steady surge in wine culture among the general population. With the advent of tasting rooms in most vineyards, wine enthusiasts can explore and relish fine wine in Nashik. Grape Farms like Sula Vineyards, York Winery, Vallee de Vin, D’ori Winery and Mountain View Wines are some of the must-visit wineries. Let the wine seep into your vessels and captivate you with its divine taste while the picturesque landscape leaves you on cloud nine.

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