Popular Temples in Nashik

The temple trail of Nashik is a set of must visit pilgrimage locations for tourists and corporate guests visiting the city of Nashik. If you are on a business trip to the city and have a day to spare, then a visit to these historic temples is a must. These glorious temples are located in close proximity to Kamfotel Hotel Nashik, making it an ideal pick location for corporate guests. The expert staff at the hotel will help you plan your travel itinerary and aid you in navigating through the city. 

Kamfotel is one of the best hotels in Nashik, situated near Pune-Nashik Highway, which makes an ideal choice for pilgrims and travellers, leading their spirits to a world full of wisdom and spirituality.

Kalaram Mandir Nashik

Kalaram Mandir

This unique temple is the abode of Lord Ram, Lord Laxman and Goddess Sita. The temple is known for its unique architectural style. The divine abode is most famous for the black statue of Lord Ram and Hanuman from which the name of the temple is derived. The temple witnesses large footfalls each year from devotees and tourists alike. Head here to experience the magnificence of this glorious temple during your blissful stay at our Nashik Hotels

Diwali celebration at Shri Someshwar Mahadev Mandir

Shri Someshwar Mahadev Mandir

Located in the quiet suburbs of Nashik, Someshwar Mandir is a temple that redefines tranquillity. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated on the banks of the Godavari River. As the sun descends, tourists and devotees throng the temple to witness the evening Arti. The temple is open to visitors of all faiths and welcomes travellers with warmth and blessings. 

Pillars of Muktidham in Nashik Maharashtra


Muktidham is an opulent temple complex located in the heart of Nashik. The marble structure is home to various Gods and Goddesses and is one of the most famous attractions of Nashik. A glorious statue of the revered Lord Krishna is also present within the temple premises. Statues of Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Goddess Durga, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman grace the inner sanctum. Holy verses from the Geeta are carved into the temple walls, which lend a surreal look to the structure. Witness this holy architectural marvel during your stay at our hotel in Nashik near situated near Pune- Nashik Highway.

Pandavleni Caves Hotel Near Nashik

Pandavleni Caves

The Pandavleni Caves, also known as the Trirashmi Buddhist Caves, were constructed between the 2nd century BCE to 5th century CE. The ancient caves are sacred to the Buddhists and house the idols of Buddha and Bodhisattva. Considered to be one of the oldest structures in the Maharashtra region, the Pandavleni Caves are a must visit. Rich Iconography and paintings depicting everyday life, deck the walls of the cave. Tourists can enjoy an unforgettable experience as they witness the grandeur of an ancient civilization.


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