Tour of Pandavleni Caves, a must visit place in Nashik - Complete Guide

Pandavleni Caves also, known as the Nashik Caves, is one of the most iconic tourist spots in Nashik. Located 10 km away from our hotel in Nashik, The Pandavleni caves comprise of 24 caves dating back to the 1st century BCE and the 3rd century CE. These ancient rock-cut caves, situated in the Trivashmi Hills, were carved in the Hinayana Buddhist cave style.


Here is a complete guide for you, in case you are planning to visit the Pandavleni Caves:

PandavLena Caves close to Nashik

Exteriors of the Pandavleni Caves

Twenty four caves are cut in a long line, on the north of the Trivashmi Hills. These caves were carved out from the 1st century BCE through to the 3rd century BCE, and statues were added to these caves later on. The caves are heavily ornamented, with intricate carvings that include Buddhist sculptures are a significant group of early examples of Indian rock-cut architecture.

huge pillars of a building

Interiors of the Pandavleni Caves

The interiors of the Pandavleni Caves are less intricate compared to its interiors. The must-visit among the interiors of these caves are the 3rd, 10th, 18th and 20th ones. The 18th cave was essentially a shrine or a prayer hall and features a Stupa at one end.


Best time to visit Pandavleni Caves, one of the most popular tourist spots in Nashik:

It is ideal all year round to visit the Pandavleni Caves. However, the best month to visit these caves is from July to February.

Pandavleni Caves near Nasik
Bava Pyara caves
ancient cave and its historic remains

How to reach:You can reach the Pandavleni Caves via cabs or buses.

Kamfotel, our hotel in Nashik, provides travel desk services. Our team will be happy to assist you, in case you want an excursion to this must-visit tourist place in Nashik. The Pandavleni Caves are 10 km away from our hotel in Nashik, and easily reachable via cabs or private cars.

Timings :8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Entry Fee:
Adults:Rs 20.00
Children (Up to 15 years): Free
Free entry for adults and children on Fridays