Corporate Meetings, Offsite, Learning & More at Lotus Beach Resort, Murud Beach-Dapoli, Ratnagiri

The resort offers a fabulous venue to host your meetings and events in style. Feel free to conduct team huddles, team games and more at our resort as our experienced staff will be always available to help you manage your events.

Meetings & Conferences

Stage ‘Memorable Meetings’ & ‘Inspiring Conferences’ in The Lotus Beach Resort with fabulous rooms on a spectacular beach. Choose our beach venues, reinforced by our expertise and cutting-edge technology, to turn your event into a talking point. For a grand gathering for 30 or 150 delegates, Lotus Beach Resort provides unforgettable settings for discussions.

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Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning Offsite 

Since the year 2002, Ecomantra began its division of experiential learning, offering unique innovative programmes which combine adventure with learning for our corporate clients. Whether your group is 40 or 400, BeeHive, our outdoor learning division, offers you programmes that fit your needs perfectly.

Learning using Strategic Team Games Package

Experiential Learning programmes using strategic team games are the most popular and classic way of developing competencies and works well for junior to middle management. There are thousands of very effective yet fun team games, puzzles and scenarios that are used to simulate, role play, develop competencies, make the participants think. Some of the very popular ones are treasure hunt, puzzles, australian plank, spider web, blind walk, role plays, scenarios etc. But at Ecomantra. we keep improving, modifying and even designing customised team games that works for your team.

Learning using Adventures Package

Fun-n-Learn Offsites using simulation with active adventures are a lot of fun and specially apt for the junior team. At Ecomantra, we use extreme adventures for the leadership team. Some of the adventures that we use are water sports like kayaking, canoeing, river crossing etc.; rope courses like mountaineering, rappelling, sip lines, multi assault courses and land-based eco adventures like cycling, over land safari depending upon the programme. Some of the popular thematic programs are the following: The Castaway Day, The Bollywood Adventures, The Jungle Book and the The Survivors.

Shoots & Product Launches

Movie, advertisement and brand directors are invited to choose the stunning beach setting of Lotus Beach Resort as a stunning set and showcase new products. Experiential Marketing in stunning locations using Segways, bikes and other outdoor activities appeals tremendously to the new age active consumers.

Youth Summer & Winter Camps 

Welcome to Ecomantra’s Lotus Beach Resort Youth Camp - an exciting place where girls and boys, aged 9-15, come together to learn important life skills through a wide variety of nature games and activities, and experience the spirit of discovery of nature and themselves. Ecomantra offers comprehensive packages for schools, incorporating adventure, entertainment and learning to educate and stimulate the younger generations.
At Ecomantra Youth Camp, children have fun, make new friends, and learn new things in a safe, comfortable environment. Campers are gently encouraged to develop confidence and self-esteem, while learning new athletics that enhances self-confidence and trust in their own potential. Summer at Ecomantra Youth Camp is a unique, character-building experience that will produce life-long camp memories!
It is a full week programme in which children experience and study the diversity of habitat in the forest area. Campers explore and learn from beach trails, forest trails, ponds, beaches, Dapoli agricultural college both on and off campus.