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Restaurants at Orchid Hotels and Resorts

We believe that food is not just a combination of ingredients but an art. And like all art, it must delight the partaker. Our restaurants at Orchid Hotels and Resorts from all over India have consistently received high ratings from food connoisseurs and our patrons always drop in when in town. Have a look! 

Hotels with good restaurants in Pune - The Orchid Hotel Pune

The Orchid Hotel Pune


Orchid Hotel Pune is renowned for offering gastronomical adventures to its customers. Check out the options:

Lotus Eco Beach Resort Konark

If you are looking for a gala feast in Konark, this is your best bet:

Lotus Eco Beach Resort Konark's dining area blends rustic elegance with coastal charm, under a thatched roof surrounded by tranquil diners and attentive service.
hotels with good restaurant in Fort JadhavGADH

Fort JadhavGADH


Offer your loved ones the memory of a lifetime in one of the best hotels with restaurants at Fort JadhavGADH:

Lotus Eco Beach Resort Murud Beach-Dapoli Ratnagiri

Our dining experience at Lotus Eco Beach Resort is renowned all over Murud Beach. Head over now to:

Hotel with restaurants in Ratnagiri
Restaurants at orchid hotels with pool in Mumbai

IRA By Orchid Mumbai T-2 International Airport

Give your loved ones a feast of a lifetime at our bar and cafe in VITS Hotel which is one of the best hotels with good restaurants in Mumbai:

  • VITS 'The City Cafe'

  • Q Bar

IRA By Orchid Bhubaneswar

Make your special day memorable by booking a dinner experience at:

  • The Melting Pot

Hotels with good restaurants in Bhubneshwar
lobby of a restaurant

IRA by Orchid Nashik

Check out our dining experience at IRA by Orchid Nashik:

  • Kamat Ni Wadi Open Air Restaurant

The Orchid Hotel, Jamnagar

An exquisite culinary experience at The Orchid Hotel Jamnagar:


Seating arrangements inside boulevard - The Orchid Hotel, Jamnagar