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Lotus Eco Beach Resort - A Benaulim Beach Resort

Benaulim Beach Road, Via Maria Hall Vasvaddo, Benaulim, Salcette
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Rejuvenate at This Exquisite Benaulim Beach Resort

Goa is the land of beaches where the hot sun lights up the white sand on the shores, the restless waves compose a melody and the trees dance along with the moving wind. Undoubtedly among the most exotic locations in India where the romance of the past and the vibrancy of the present meet, Goa offers holiday-goers magnificent churches, lush greenery, exquisite temples and mighty forts that make the Goan landscape picture-perfect. Take in the exquisite beauty of this timeless destination when you stay at one of the best beach resorts in Benaulim Goa. 

"It emerges from the mud...
..It rises through the water
It blossoms through the sunlight"
The Lotus- a symbol of grace and new beginnings inspire us to always strive for greatness, here at Lotus Eco Beach Resort Benaulim Goa. We have tried to imbibe the attributes of this divine flower in all aspects of our services and hospitality and strive to deliver them to our guests for an exclusive experience.
Conveniently located in Benaulim, a charming town in Goa that boasts of great scenic delights and beaches, Lotus Eco Beach Resort Benaulim Goa is a perfect way to kickstart your vacation. A hop, skip and a jump from Benaulim Beach, this exquisite Beach Resort in Goa is the perfect base for anyone looking forward to a relaxed holiday in the beach capital of Goa. The ample amenities at this beautiful resort near Benaulim Beach ensure that you have a memorable stay at Lotus Eco Beach Resort, Goa.

Facade, Lotus Eco Beach Resort Benaulim Goa Benaulim Goa, Benaulim Beach Resort
Facade, Lotus Eco Beach Resort Benaulim Goa Benaulim Goa, Benaulim Beach Resort

Well, amidst this alluringly beautiful setting, there is something novel about living close to a beach, feeling the sand between your toes while you sip on your drink and feel the breeze against your face. Only our modern beach resort in Benaulim can offer you such an unforgettable experience - Lotus Eco Beach Resort Benaulim Goa, to be specific.

Cosy & Elegant Accommodation at Our Resort in Benaulim

Deluxe Rooms


This stunning Benaulim Beach resort in Goa has a charming collection ofrooms that are set amidst a lovely landscaped garden. Our hotel rooms in Goa elegantly blends the much-sought-after privacy and comfort along with a host of amenities. Enjoy an unparalleled staying experience at these elegantly designed Goa hotel rooms.


Eat, Pray and Love

Rest photo 4

Restaurant and Bar at our Resort in Benaulim


Foodies and epicureans can dig into the bevvy of flavours at the Lotus Eco Beach Resort Benaulim, Goa. Our Benaulim Beach Resort features a multi-cuisine restaurant and a bar in Benaulim, Goa. Don't forget to ask for Chicken Tikka and Mushroom Mutter when you visit our restaurant as that's our speciality.


Adventure, Discoveries and Experiences

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Now, what are you waiting for? Plan your vacation, family getaway, the business trip to our luxurious Goa resort and make the most of your visit. Lotus Eco Beach Resort Benaulim, Goa is the best place for relaxation, retreat, recreation, family holidays, leisure business and honeymoon vacations. Book your stay now and get the best price guaranteed with our exclusive offers.



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Hotel Amenities

  • Beach 01 Minute walkable
  • Swimming Pool (0800 - 1900 hrs Swimming costume compuslory)
  • Multi-cuisine Restaurants
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Resto - Bar
  • Coffee Lounge
  • Laundry service
  • 24-hour room service