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Employee Environmental Education and Community Involvement

Environmental awareness amongst the hotel team members is vital for us to maintain our commitment to the environment. Therefore, we regularly conduct training programs and activities for team members in a fun manner. For example, we have organized photography and banner competitions with the theme of 'Environment Preservation'. We have a three-day training program that includes a session from the Environment Officer who briefs the new team members of the hotels' environmental systems. During the training, we show the team members documentary called 'Cutting Carbon Footprints". Our team is informed about pressing issues that pertain to the environment and are motivated to bring about change not only in the workplace but also in their homes.

Activities which involve the community are also conducted on a bi-monthly basis where team members go on rallies, visit schools, perform plantation drives etc. to spread the message of environmental preservation. These activities are organized by The Orchid's Green Team. The team comprises of two members from each department of the hotel. Over four hundred thousand students from various schools and colleges over the last decade have been educated on environmental issues by the team.

Past activities also include composting of nirmalaya generated during the festival of Ganesh, 'Say no to firecrackers" Rally, distribution of vermicompost and seeds to our guests, employees and community, etc.