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Media Coverage - Mahodadhi Palace

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Green-Team volunteers of Mahodadhi Palace, Puri spreading Awareness on the World Wildlife Day.

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Mahodadhi Palace is hosting the Royal Dignitaries from Indonesia. 

Mahodadhi Palace was honored with the presence of delegates and diplomats at our hotel during the visit of Regent of Karangasem in India. 

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Mahodadhi Palace - Where Hospitality is Redefined


You can experience the sophisticated Colonial styles and the Contemporary styles at the same place! On the terrace, you can experience classic country style food in the open-air restaurant. The comforting breeze from the vast blue ocean and a soothing meal can make your day at Mahodadhi Palace.

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Mahodadhi - La Affaire with "KUMBHAKARNA DOSA"


The Dosa fest at Mahodadhi Palace featured Kumbhakarna Dosa which was about 3 and a half feet long. It came along with three varieties of chutney, 4 types of chutney and sambar! The batter of the dosa was fermented to the apt point which made the dosa a crispy affair! The stuffing of the dosa has the base of roughly mashed potato. The potatoes were tempered with onions, mustard seeds, and Indian spices.

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