Rooms at The Orchid Hotel - A Hotel In Balewadi

Our hotel offers rooms for stay in Pune to every traveler - whether you are traveling for business and looking for an ecotel hotel near in Hinjewadi or with a family on a break. Whether your stay is for one night or a long stay where you need the extra living space. 

AK 05118

Orchid Deluxe Rooms, boast of a unique combination of luxury, comfort, and privacy.


People who plan on longer stays in the city, for business or work, tend to choose our Orchid Premier Rooms, Enjoy the choice of a king-sized bed or two separate beds, as per your preference.

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The 725 sq. ft. Orchid Suite is a spacious 2 room suite with a living room & a master bedroom separated by a door. The room also presents a captivating view of the Highway.