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Payatha - The Ethnic Foothill Restaurant in Pune

Payatha, as the name suggests in Marathi is located at the 'foothill'- the great footwall. It is a fine dining fresco rooftop restaurant in Pune, that serves traditional Maharashtrian cuisine during your stay at our heritage resort near Pune. Splendid evenings include observing the gracious white owls and other night birds; right from your dining table. The sound of soothing ghazals helps you enjoy your single malt while the nippy cold is kept away by the whiskey in winters.
Dinner is alfresco at Payatha where the women from the nearby villages roll out the perfect bhakris (hand breads) and kombadiwade (five-grain deep fried puris). Other delicacies worth trying include the madrassa and Kolhapuri mutton. Live music adds to the already welcoming ambience at our luxury resort in Pune. The standard of food and the refreshing ambience makes Payatha one of the best rooftop restaurants in Pune. 

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