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Besides a bustling youthful crowd, Pune is famous for its nightlife, growing IT hub and the abundance of amazing adventures. From trekking to rappeling, Pune has all the spices to give you an adrenaline rush!

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One of the best heritage hotels in India - Fort JadhavGADH serves as the ideal weekend getaway from Mumbai. offers a sneak peek into the lustrous history while providing modern amenities for a luxurious staying experience. While you stay here, visit the 4 most travelled tourist spots. Know about them now!

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Planning an excursion to Pune? When it comes to planning a trip, it can be difficult to decide upon which places to visit. This Holiday Go Camping!
Here is a list of places for camping near Pune which are breathtaking. There are a lot of options when it comes to camping.

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The JadhavGADH Fort has 300 years of history and rich heritage within its walls. The rich heritage of the fort is full of legends and stories of royal Maratha culture and history. Read to know more about the phenomenal fort.

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As once a master chef said, the secret of a master chef lies in two core elements, ingredients and execution. With our hand-picked ingredients and flawless execution, our chefs create a masterpiece of delicacies. Set on a gastronomical adventure now!

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Travel in Style in Maharashtra at Fort Jadavgarh, a heritage luxury hotel. Located just 14 km from Pune, Fort Jadavgarh offers guests with a plethora of amazing attractions like escape routes, gun holes, plush lawns, dungeons, secret passages and a lot more to make your journey worthwhile.

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A stay at Fort Jadhavgarh is nothing short of experiencing a piece of history and digging at a slice of heritage. Not only is this Fort a heritage destination for a perfect holiday, but also for hosting lavish events and memorable parties.

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Fort JadhavGADH is a premium resort in Pune that is close to many places of tourist interest. Come, stay at our hotel which is close to many of the top places to visit in Pune like Purandar Fort, Balaji Temple and more.

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Fort JadhavGADH unfolds a 300 years old history of royal Maratha legacy and rich heritage. This weekend resort near Mumbai is located just about a 4.5-hour drive away and a 1.5-hour drive from Pune. From the drive to the stay – everything makes it a perfect weekend getaway from Pune for a quick family holiday or a couple’s stay.


With numerous breathtaking locations, extravagant forts, cascading waterfalls, amusing theme parks, splendid museums, vast lakes and enormous dams, the list of tourist attractions in Pune is virtually endless. Read to know about them and start exploring!