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Ghazal Nights at Fort JadhavGADH

Aangan restaurant at Fort Jadhavgadh

On weekends, Fort JadhavGADH's rooftop restaurant comes alive with 'Ghazal or Musical Nights' filling the air with a nostalgic ambience. Saturdays are Ghazal nights while Sundays are musical nights.

Commensurate with the theme, we provide Indian traditional 'Mostly Grills' cuisine and gadda and bolsters seating for the event.

Contact Restaurant Manager at +91 8600875820 or mail at
We are happy to organize an exclusive event for you. For organizing and charges please contact Fort JadhavGADH at +91 99875 73815.

Head towards Fort JadhavGADH and enjoy these experiences at our resort in Pune.