Things To Do in Dapoli | Things To Do near Murud Beach

Things To Do in Dapoli

Dapoli is a mesmerizing concoction of a hill station and beach. Dwelling in the South Konkan region of Maharashtra, this enchanting place has a lot of enthralling things to do in Dapoli. It is surrounded by beautiful peaks, rustic caves, ancient forts, and pristine beaches. The alluring terrains offer adventurous sports like rock climbing, zip-lining and rappelling. Go for an exciting banana ride or speed boating with your close ones along the bubbly tides. Have an exciting and delightful time at Dapoli.

Lotus Eco Beach resort, robe bridge walk

To quench your thirst for adventures, Lotus Eco Beach Resort offers a plethora of invigorating things to do near Murud Beach!

banana ride Lotus Beach Resort Murud Beach-Dapoli Ratnagiri

Choose your way of splashing into the water from an array of water sports at Lotus Eco Beach Resort, Murud-Dapoli

Sunset at Lotus Eco Beach resort

Spend some time with the sand and the waves at the beaches near Dapoli. Enjoy a memorable one by visiting the attractions in Dapoli for a soothing time during your stay at Lotus Eco Beach Resort, Murud Beach. 

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Enjoy a range of free indoor and outdoor activities at Lotus Eco Beach Resort with your stay.