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Planning a trip to Mumbai next? Ensure to add an exciting day picnic in Murud Beach or other areas in and around Dapoli to your itinerary.

Lotus eco beach resort, wadi restaurant - fish fry

Dapoli is a beautiful coastal town of scenic beauty and exquisite food. Read our list of the famous food in Dapoli and start experimenting!

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Murud is a small village in Dapoli, a small city in Ratnagiri that houses the beautiful Murud beach, surrounded by hills on three sides.

Suvarnadurg fort Palande Beach Lotus Beach Resort Murud Beach-Dapoli Ratnagiri

Suvarnadurg Fort is one of the best historic forts in Dapoli. Explore this majestic landmark located on an island in the Arabian Sea and learn about its history.

Lotus Eco beach resort, evening view of the beach

Experience the best of Dapoli beaches and hills when you visit these endearing gems, and enjoy a restful stay at Lotus Eco Beach Resort.

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Celebrate this Diwali and Dussehra at the Lotus Beach Resort Murud Dapoli. Feast on traditional Malvani deliciousness at our restaurants. Book now!

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Lotus Eco Beach Resort is enveloped by lush green areas and overlooks the Murud Beach. Enjoy a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai and refresh yourself. 

Lotus Beach Resort Murud Beach Dapoli Ratnagiri

The Lotus Eco Beach Resort in Murud is one of the best weekend getaway destinations from nearby places like Lonavla and Pune. Boasting of a private beach and many trekking trails it is one of the best resorts that couples comfort with opulence to help the guests have a memorable experience. 

entrance to ancient caves

Close to Mumbai and Pune lies Panhalekaji Caves, ancient Buddhist caves from the 3rd century. These caverns are located within a mountain range in the Kotjai river valley. If you are a history buff or an explorer of the unknown, the cave will be one of your greatest explorations.