Dapoli Sightseeing at Lotus Eco Beach Resort, Murud

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Murud beach

This popular beach is vast and is studded with magnificent forts, fringed with palm leaves. Take a relaxing stroll down the beach as it is located on the Lotus Eco Beach Resort, Murud-Dapoli.

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Karde Beach

Yet another beautiful beach with soft sea waves, the Karde beach will soothe your soul. A silent and tranquil beach, it is perfect for romantic and solitary walks. You might also sight some dolphins during your stroll down this beach in Dapoli!

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Ladghar Beach

Ladghar Beach is famous for its beautiful sunsets and is one of the most popular places to visit in Dapoli. Perfect for a family visit, this beach in Dapoli also gives you a view of dolphins.

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Palande Beach

Palande beach is situated quite close to the Anjarle Pass. This beach is perfect for a family visit for it provides many fun activities. Visit this beach while you stay at our resort near Dapoli.

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Keshavraj Temple

Keshavraj Temple is one of the best temples in Dapoli. Experience the spiritual ambiance at this quaint temple amidst the lush greenery.

Anjarle Ganesh Temple Palande Beach Lotus Beach Resort Murud Beach-Dapoli Ratnagiri

Kadyavarcha Ganpati

The Kadyavarcha Ganpati temple is hidden amidst the Konkan forests. It provides a fantastic view of the seaside from the temple.

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Suvarnadurg Fort

The magnificent Suvarnadurg Fort is a paradise when visited during the sunset. Experience the mystic feel in the ruins of this fort.  

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Harnai Bandar

The Harnai Bandar is a colourful market with an excited hum all around. Visit this market on the shores of Harnai beach during your stay at Lotus Eco Beach Resort, Murud- Dapoli. 
You may get a good bargain on a basket full of seafood to take back home.