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Atal Tunnel, Manali

Image of the facade of the gate of Atal Tunnel

A Gateway to Adventure and Comfort: Situated at the core of Himachal Pradesh, Manali has consistently been a cherished spot for those in pursuit of adventure, the beauty of nature and a hint of tranquillity. The unveiling of the Atal Tunnel in Manali has added an added layer to the region's travel dynamics, enhancing accessibility and convenience like never before.

A Marvel of Engineering

The Atal Tunnel, named in honour of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, is a remarkable feat of engineering. Spanning 9.02 km, it is the world's longest highway tunnel above 10,000 ft, connecting Manali to the Lahaul-Spiti valley throughout the year. The tunnel not only reduces the travel time from Manali to Keylong by about 4 to 5 hours but also ensures a safe and smooth journey, bypassing treacherous roads and unpredictable weather conditions.

A tunnel with yellow lights
A spectacular image of snow-covered mountains and pine trees - Hotel in Manali

Exploring Beyond Manali

For travellers staying at The Orchid Manali, the Atal Tunnel opens up a plethora of opportunities to explore beyond the usual tourist spots. The journey from Manali to Atal Tunnel itself is a scenic delight, with the majestic Himalayas accompanying you throughout. Once you pass through the tunnel, the stark beauty of the Lahaul-Spiti valley awaits, offering a contrast to the lush greenery of Manali. The region is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, with activities like trekking, camping and river rafting readily available.

Camping Under the Stars
Camping in Manali offers a serene retreat amidst breathtaking mountain vistas. Set up camp under the starry sky, unwind by a crackling bonfire and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Himalayas. Wake up to the crisp mountain air and the gentle sound of nearby streams, as you greet the day with a sense of peace and tranquillity. Whether you prefer riverside spots or secluded mountain clearings, Manali offers camping experiences that rejuvenate the soul and create lasting memories.

Camping beneath the stars at night
View of a Tunnel

Making Travel Easier

The Atal Tunnel has significantly eased the travel woes for tourists visiting Manali. The reduced travel time and year-round connectivity mean that you can plan your trip without worrying about road closures or extended travel hours. For guests at The Orchid Manali, this means more time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the region, whether it's the snow-capped peaks, the verdant forests, or the charming town of Manali itself.

The Atal Tunnel in Manali is not just an engineering marvel, it's a gateway to new experiences and adventures in the Himachal region. For travellers staying at The Orchid Manali - a Boutique Hotel, it offers added convenience, making their journey to and from Manali smoother and more enjoyable. Whether you're an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or just looking for a peaceful getaway, the Atal Tunnel and The Orchid Manali provide the perfect combination for an unforgettable trip.

Whether you're travelling alone, with family, on a romantic retreat, or eager to partake in the thrilling activities Manali has to offer, The Orchid Hotel, Manali, is the ideal starting point for exploring the charms of this captivating destination. With its convenient location, welcoming accommodations, numerous facilities and breathtaking views, our hotel is the perfect option for travellers looking for comfort and convenience.