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The Vibrant Apple Season in Manali

Apples falling from a basket

Nested in the northern end of Kullu Valley is the heavenly township of Manali. It is an enthralling tourist destination, credit to its scenic viewpoints, snow-covered mountains, mist-filled atmosphere and the riveting Beas River valley. The stunning sights and pleasant weather make Manali seem like an angelic gift to the world from The Himalayas. All these factors make it a great location to get some respite from the scorching heat of the tropics.

Manali is celebrated for a variety of reasons. Apart from being full of natural beauty, the hill station is home to the famous ropeway in Solang, the paradisiacal Rohtang Pass, a swathe of exquisitely constructed temples and monasteries, Manali Wildlife Sanctuary and of course the enchanting Manali apple season!

A stack of apples

The Onset of Manali's Apple Season


Apples thrive in the well-drained, loamy soil that is abundant in Manali. Also called the Valley of the Gods, the hill station starts blossoming with succulent apples in April. Gradually, the hill station is covered with a crimson quilt that looks truly magical and charming. The fruits start to swell and hand-picking begins by August. Orchards around the city witness an abundance of juicy apples ready to be devoured!

Visitors to Manali during this time are treated to the sight of ripe apples detaching from branches and falling into the lap of nature. Several homestays and resorts are established amidst apple orchards, where you can witness these marvellous creations all around you!

An apple tree with apples hanging from the branches

Apple Farms in Manali


Every year, farms and orchards around Manali overflow with apples, which are then consumed or traded to different parts of the country. A large section of the town’s economy is dependent on the trading of apples. Middle Eastern nations have also been known to import no less than five different varieties of apples from Manali - Royal Delicious, Scarlet Spur, Dark Baron Gala, Golden Delicious and Red Velox. Various promotional programs are also regularly organised to discuss the importance and varieties of the produce.

A girl holding 4 apples

A Stay Amidst the Apples

Although it is a year-round tourist destination, the best time to visit Manali is during apple season, when the hill station comes alive with a stunning scarlet vibrance. Enhance your visit by pampering yourself to a comfortable yet elegant stay at The Orchid Manali. Apart from offering fine accommodations, the property is home to three majestic apple trees that let you wake up to enamouring sights of the ruby fruits.

Consider a delightful vacation in Manali during apple season, when your eyes as well as your appetite will be treated to the sweet juices of the fruits!