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Restaurants in Vile Parle East at The Orchid Hotel Mumbai

The Orchid Hotel Mumbai is home to some of the best hotel restaurants near Mumbai Airport. We serve a wide range of delectable cuisines from all across the globe. With mouth-watering South Indian delicacies, appetizing grills and more, our dining outlets offer a fine dining experience in Mumbai!

elegant interior of our 24-hour coffee shop - The Orchid Hotel Mumbai Vile Parle


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or maybe brunch or tea it doesn't matter. Any time any day just walk in for a feast or a bite at our restaurant in Vile Parle. 

elegant interior of our south indian restaurant in vile parle


Five southern states lie to the south of the Vindhyas Mountains. Each has its own special cuisine and flavors. The South of Vindhyas, our restaurant in Vile Parle, is so named to celebrate the famous cuisines of the south.

cosy seating space on the terrace


An open-air restaurant in Vile Parle on the rooftop, 'MG'S' is exactly that. The chefs grill and barbecue the freshly imported meat cuts to your choice of rare, medium, or well done.

blue chairs and wooden table placed on a marbled floor with merlin's 99 signboard glowing in pink in the background

Now Discover 99 Varieties of Finest Whisky at one of India’s most premium Whiskey Lounges and Karaoke Bar, Merlin’s 99- The Whisky Lounge.From Single Malts, to rare reserves, Scotch, Irish Whiskey, Japanese blends and more - Merlin’s 99 is a paradise for every whisky lover.

Call for table reservations at Merlin's - +91 75060 10316

Cakes and Delicatessen  at orchid hotel mumbai vile parle


The Gourmet Shop features a large selection of delicatessen items such as cakes, bread, decorative pastries and cookies which are served in a specially designed packaging.