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Image of a couple sitting next to each other surrounded by candles as they overlook the city skyline

The city that never sleeps, Mumbai, is full of life, and anyone who has stayed here is bewitched by its beauty and charm. We have compiled a few date ideas that people can explore with their special ones in Mumbai.

marine drive with people jogging on the side

Travelling does not have to be that tedious if you are at the Mumbai International airport. Since the airport is just a few kilometres away from the centre of the city, you can step out of the airport and explore the beautiful city of dreams.

a cake with cherries on top and a happy anniversary card

Mumbai has amazing open and closed places for celebrating occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. The city offers a range of banquet halls to celebrate a range of events.

People accompanying a huge idol of Lord Ganesh for the procession

Any conversation about the culture and traditions of Mumbai would be incomplete without mentioning Ganesh Chaturthi. The much-awaited festival has a long history behind it.

idol of goddess durga

The festival that rings bells for valour, wealth, and wisdom, and proclaims good over evil is the elegant feminine carnival of Navratri.

black teacup and kettle

A cup of tea, gently brewed to perfection, is a near pleasure that rejuvenates your senses. Popularly known as chai, it is the most consumed beverage globally, second to water.

plate of samosas and chutney

These delicacies draw a different rhythm and attention to the city. Indulge in these lip-smacking street foods on your visit to Mumbai.

children playing

The magical vibe that can be felt in the city of Mumbai is hardly felt anywhere else in India. It stands out as the land of fantasies and exploration for all the dreamers.

gateway of india in mumbai

Mumbai, though known for all its hustle and crowd, offers a combination of enthralling natural heritage and modern entertainment.

chhatrapati shivaji maharaj terminus mumbai

Mumbai! The city that never sleeps is the dream destination for the dream weavers. The city that is the financial capital of India welcomes anyone and everyone.

dj playing music at a party

The nightlife in Mumbai is a must explore for all the globetrotters. From fun-filled karaoke nights to midnight food choices, Mumbai is truly the city that never sleeps.

people gathered for a function

Plastic - one small word which is a bigger threat in reality. The ban on plastic products is a huge step towards an eco-friendly Mumbai

plate of dabeli and pomegranate and sev filling in a bowl

Vile Parle is a haven for street food lovers - it has a number of cafes and eateries that serve indelible food and pocket-friendly prices!

aerial view of bandra worli sea link

Everyone probably knows that Mumbai was earlier called Bombay. But do you know how it got its name? Read on for a history lesson about 'The City of Dreams'.

view of a city with high-rise buildings

Cities like Mumbai serve as launching pads for different franchisors as the idea of franchising sweeps the Indian corporate sector. With several people flying in and out of the city, Mumbai has grown to be a transit hub.