Banquet & Meeting Halls at The Orchid Hotel Mumbai Vile Parle

With a sprawling 13,680 sq. ft. of open space, this venue is guaranteed to be among the best choices of venue for your event in Mumbai.

This big hall can be subdivided into three smaller sound proof units or the entire space can be used as an open hall. About 400 people can be comfortably accommodated here. The hall is situated at the lobby level.

Sometimes the need is for closed meetings with a formal arrangement for discussions or a tighter arrangement that allows for intimate get- togethers. An option of three separate rooms - Senate 1, 2, and 3 will create the physical space you want.

The number on your guest list is over four hundred. Perhaps you would like to consider the rooftop Cascade? Many people can comfortably be accommodated in the rooftop banquet area.

This banquet hall can host gatherings of over 350 people or seat 150 people in arrangements of various configurations to suit the agenda you have.

Two sets of rooms in different sizes -one over 500 sq ft and the other double that at a 1,000 plus- gives you the opportunity to host a group size between 15 and 50.

With options of three different rooms, with similar dimensions of around 800 sq ft, the Churchill Meeting Rooms are a good option when your group size is between 35 and 50 folks.

As the name suggests, these rooms are constructed and designed so that you can maximize the efficiency and productivity of your business meetings and interactions.