Step Towards a Better Environment at The Orchid Hotel Pune

The soaring temperatures in the city have now become a cause of worry for both citizens as well as for other constituents of our society. The Orchid Hotel- an eco-friendly hotel in Pune,  celebrated the environment day alongside the optimistic ‘naturezens’ of Tikona peth located within a proximity of 30 kilometers from Pune. The initiative kicked-off with planting of trees in a school, followed by a briefing on the methods that could be effectively undertaken. The Green Team, designed and structured by The Orchid Hotel, Pune took a pledge and went on educate them on the use of plastics and their effects. Single-use plastics include things like plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, water and soda bottles and most of the food packaging.
The Sarpanch of Tikona Peth, Mr. Ramdas Moholve took part and contributed towards the initiative. In addition, they painted the walls of the Jilha Parishad School together with the message of saving the environment.

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