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View of a beach with green palm trees on the side - Lotus Eco Beach Resort Benaulim Goa
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A DJ plays music as the crowd dances - Nightlife in South Goa

Adventure Sports in South Goa

Prepare yourself for an epic adrenaline kick in South Goa! From parasailing and bungee jumping to hot air balloon rides and flyboarding, this place is an adventure paradise. We're sure that once you try these adventure sports in Goa, you will want to explore more of this hormone-pumping, absolutely exhilarating experience.

South Goa: The Adventure and Chill Zone

Nestled in India's western coast, South Goa is a dream for adventure junkies and those just looking to be at peace with the world. North Goa is popularly known for crowded beaches and parties, on the other hand, South Goa is all about peaceful places to hang out and enjoy the more pleasant side of the state. However, this doesn't mean it is any less adventure-packed. Whatever floats your boat, or in this case, your jet ski! Here is a list of the best South Goa adventure sports you cannot afford to miss if you are an adrenaline junkie.

Parasailing: Feel the Breeze, See the Coast

Picture yourself high up in the sky above the Arabian Sea. The breeze kissing your face and the coastline laid out below you. That's the rush of parasailing, a bird's-eye view of South Goa that'll blow your mind. 

Bungee Jumping: Dive into the Crazy

If you're all about facing your fears or yearning for a pumping heart, bungee jumping should make it to your list. Take a wild leap, feel the freefall madness and bounce back into reality, thanks to that elastic cord.

Hot Air Ballooning: Sky-high Magic

Hop into a hot air balloon and glide through the skies. See South Goa's hills and waters in a way you've never imagined. It's like having a private show of Mother Nature's finest.

Flyboarding: Surfing Meets Rocketry

Ever dreamt of surfing in the sky? Flyboarding is your answer. Powered by a water jet, you will pull off insane stunts above the waves, getting that ultimate thrill.

Windsurfing: Ride the Wind and Waves

Windsurfing is where surfing and sailing combine for an ultimate South Goa adventure. Glide on the water with the wind in your sails and ride those waves like a pro!

Lotus Eco Beach Resort Benaulim Goa welcomes you and provides all the comfort you need, from luxe rooms to easily available facilities while you party like a true Goan. Also, our resort is just a few minutes from the peaceful beaches you're here for. Varca (7.9 km), Trinity (3 km), Cavelossim (12.9 km) and Palolem (40 km) – they're all on the adventure map.