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The Best Shopping Places in South Goa

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South Goa is a piece of heaven filled with lush greenery, sandy beaches, tranquil surroundings and pristine beaches. The district is known for its abundance of water sports opportunities, luxury resorts and beachside shacks curating mouth-watering delicacies. Apart from the many tourist attractions that flood South Goa, the district is also quite famous for its exquisite handicrafts. The multiple shops that populate the streets of Goa sell various kinds of handcrafted shawls, jewellery, hats, shoes and souvenirs. Pick a piece from some of the many shopping places in South Goa in memory of your trip!

Colva Beach Market

Colva Beach Market serves as one of the best places for street shopping in South Goa. The location is filled with vogue-worthy apparel. With a little bit of bargaining in play, you can get your hands on the most high-quality clothes and accessories. At night, the market is lit with bright lights that make it even more beautiful. People who want to buy something that will remind them of their trip will surely be satisfied here!

Margao Municipal Market

Margao Municipal Market is a melting pot of varied cultures. It is the most common place where you can purchase authentic aromatic spices. Apart from being a vital spot for spices and condiments, Margao Municipal Market is also the place where you can get your hands on ethnic clothes, accessories, stylish outfits, sculptures, liquor, furniture items and exquisite handicrafts.

Palolem Beach Market

Palolem Beach Market is one of the most travelled hubs of shopping in South Goa. Standing in line by the beach, these markets are ideal for shopping for beachwear, sandals, hats, scarfs, souvenirs and accessories. Your bargaining skills will be tested here. The most alluring feature here is the availability of Tibetan and Kashmiri goods at attractive rates. The hippie culture is extremely prevalent here.


If you are looking for a place in South Goa that sells high-quality handicrafts, then head out to Jaali. It is a quaint boutique that is known for its textiles and handcrafted clothing. Shopaholics can come here for the ultimate experience of clothes shopping in South Goa. Some of the most exquisite handicrafts can be found here. The native craftsmanship can be witnessed here through antique souvenirs. Due to its extensive collection, Jaali is celebrated as the best shopping destination.

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