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7 Things to Do In Puri

Puri is a coastal city on the shores of Bay of Bengal in the state of Odisha of Eastern India. Puri is well known for the annual festival when thousands of visitors visit the famous ‘Puri Jagannath temple’ which was constructed in the 12th century. Puri has also been identified as a heritage city by the Government of India.

Mahodadhi Palace is situated near the Puri beach and this impressive red stone monument is made for your special moments with your loved ones. At Mahodadhi Palace, our Puri resort, we are dedicated to making your stay at Puri special. With the beautiful view of the Puri beach and the wooden villas, your stay at Puri will be the most amazing experience. 

Here are 7 things to do at Puri which will enrich your special moments.

1. Embrace the blessings of Puri Jagannath: Puri is popular for the Puri Jagannath Temple in India. The temple of Lord Jagannath, a form of Lord Vishnu, was built by King Indrayamuna and is one of the ‘Char Dham’, the four great sacred pilgrimage sites. As the blessings of the Lord Puri Jagannath shower upon you and your loved one, it will garnish your relationship with happiness and wellbeing.

 2. Puri Beach: The Puri beach is on the shore of Bay of Bengal and is made for you if you are just looking for a peaceful time with your loved ones. Every year, the Puri Beach festival is celebrated where beach hosts sand art showcasing the work of the international award-winning sand artist ‘Sudarshan Pattnaik’.

3. The Wooden Villa: A beautiful wooden cottage at Mahodadhi Palace in Puri with the sunlight and the sound of waves peeking through your window is a great way to spend the time with your loved one. The beautiful and elegantly carved superior wooden cabin with bedside window has a great view of the Puri beach which would make your morning with your loved one special and magical.

4. Camel Ride: If you think the beach is something you enjoy, what would you say about a camel ride on the beach? A fun ride on the camel is magically romantic with your loved one riding with you. The ride on the camel is even more romantic as the sun dives into the wave. The visitors can ride the camel at any time but the evening time is most popular among tourists.

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6. Craft andJewelry: If you are in Puri, shopping for craft is something you would not want to miss. The handmade craft of Orissa has market all over the world. The stone craft and wooden crafts are the most popular crafts in Puri. The filigree silver jewellery is a must shop which brings smiles on everyone’s faces! The local jewellery shop ‘Orissa Filgree’ is the place you should visit if you are looking for some jewels shopping.

7. The Ratha Yatra: The Ratha Yatra is a chariot festival celebrated in Puri where thousands of devotees visit Puri to celebrate the festival and embrace the blessings of Puri Jagannath every year. The Ratha yatra associates with Lord Puri Jagannath and his elder brother and younger sister - Balabhadra and Subhadra. Their idols are taken out of the temple and are taken along with a procession to Gundicha temple, where it remains for nine days. The return journey of Lord Puri Jagannath is known as ‘ Bahuda Jatra'. The stunning sight of thousands of devotees pulling the chariot will make your visit to Puri meaningful and fulfilled.

Experience the many wonders of Puri at Mahodadhi Palace - A Beach View Heritage Resort in Puri. The Puri resort offers an enthralling vacation experience where you can spend some quality time with friends and family. The resort is located on the picturesque Puri Beach and offers spacious wooden cottages and a view of the mesmerizing waters of Puri Beach.  

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