Oriya Cuisine | Mahodadhi Palace - A Beach View Heritage Resort in Puri

Authentic Oriya Cuisine at Mahodadhi Palace, Puri

Documentary on authentic Oriya cuisine: Pakhal

Pakhala is an exotic lightly fermented rice-based dish delightfully consumed in the Eastern states of India. This is a rice preparation native to Orissa. It is excellent for summers as it has a special property which cools the body and relieves dehydration. Typically, it is made by fermenting the rice overnight in the water and had in the morning or in the evening, therefore, called “Basi Pakhala” Watch this documentary shot exclusively at our "GAA" Ethnic Village Theme Restaurant presented by Naxatra News.
Episode: 2
TV Channel: Naxatra News

Oriya Cuisine Show: Goodly Foodly

Goodly Foodly brings you a delicious experience in form of a TV show. The prominence of the show is very evident even in the simple households across the country. Various delectable eateries will intrigue visitors to try out an eastern fare never seen before in the posh eateries. Our special dish from GA Restaurant "Patrapoda Chingudi" (Leaf Roast Prawn) is also featured on Goodly Foodly. This show is courtesy of Prameya News Channel. Watch this video and cook this dish at your own kitchen to experience the magic.

Episode: 1
TV Chanel : Prameya News 7