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Business Centre – Meeting Rooms at The Orchid Hotel Mumbai Vile Parle

As the name suggests, these meeting rooms near Mumbai Airport have been designed so that you can maximize the efficiency and productivity of your business meetings and formal events. Each room has a different capacity to seat between 8 and 15 people around the table, catering to the needs of business travellers. We suggest you look at the details of these conference rooms in Mumbai to help you decide which room will best suit your purpose. We are, of course, always here to help. Each boardroom has the necessary amenities to make your meetings a success!

Amber Meeting and Board Room

Amber is a compact 8 to 10 seater meeting room with a board table. It is 11 x 17 feet in size.

  • Dimensions: 10.9'x17.4'
  • Area: 190 sq. ft.

  • Classroom style: 15
  • Board room: 8

Emerald Meeting and Board Room

Emerald is a 10-12 seater exclusive, soundproof boardroom at the lobby level with a 3-seater ante room. The room is ideal for group discussion/interview sessions, respondent survey exercises and sit down dinners.

  • Dimensions: 35'x25'
  • Area: 875 sq. ft.

  • U Shaped: 8
  • Classroom style: 18

Opal Meeting and Board

Opal is an 8 seater meeting room with a board table. It is 10 x 16 ft. in size.

  • Dimensions: 10'x16'
  • Area: 160 sq. ft.

  • Board room: 8

Jade Meeting and Board Room

Jade is a 6-8 seater meeting room with a board table. It is 9 x 17 feet in size.

  • Dimensions: 9.3'x17'
  • Area: 158 sq. ft.

  • Board room: 8

Melange Board Room

If your group size is 25 people, The Melange should be your choice.