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Water Conservation

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Water is that rare resource which can be recycled indefinitely. Our waste management system, therefore, embodies the 3 'R's. We first reduce water as much as we can then recycle it to make it reusable, which further reduces our need to utilize new water from the local system.

Aerators: All taps contain special aerators, which increase the water force and reduce outflow, saving water. Using these aerators saves up to 50% of water.

‘Save Our Planet’ Programme: You are invited to join us in reducing up to several litres of water a day when you stay with us by choosing to reuse your linen and towels for the next day. The save my planet card, when kept on the bed, lets the housekeeper know you agree it’s wasteful to change the bed linen daily. Thank you for doing this as it saves at least several litres of water per bed. The same applies to your bath towels. We’ll replace your bath towels only if kept in the laundry basket on the floor. Keeping it on the rack lets us know it’s good enough to use again. Thank you for doing this, as it saves around 10 litres of water per room.

Eliminating Chemicals: Popular cleaning agents and additives to water have a long-term negative effect on the environment. We have minimized their use and continue to invest in newer technologies that eliminate harmful chemicals altogether. The cleaning chemicals used by our hotel are a new generation of certified, eco-labelled products.

Sewage Treatment Plant: We actively treat the wastewater to reduce the tremendous burden hotels sewage puts on the local environment and system. Sewage or black water is treated and cleansed to improve it to grey quality. Sewage treatment plant runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week nonstop, ensuring that water gets reused. This treated water then reused for on-site purposes such as irrigation, cistern flushing, and makeup water for cooling towers. While black and grey water is only treated biologically without any additional chemicals.