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Ice Skating in Shimla

For years, figure skaters have mesmerised audiences with enchanting artistry on ice through the sport of ice skating. It involves gliding on the ice with dexterity and skill. This sport has hence risen in popularity and nowadays, many invest in it as a hobby or even as a one-time experience. Shimla has its own ice skating rink, established way back in 1920 to celebrate ice skating as a recreational activity. Locals and tourists frequent this spot to experience the exciting sport.

Shimla Ice Skating Rink is located 6.5 km from The Orchid Hotel, an accessible distance that can be comfortably traversed via roads. If you are keen on attempting ice skating, this might be the perfect destination for you.

Ice Skating Rink Shimla

Celebrated as the largest and the only naturally formed rink in South Asia, Shimla Ice Skating Rink attracts hundreds of visitors every year. The crowd comprises the local residents of Shimla as well as tourists. The adrenaline rush of ice skating, combined with the pristine panorama of the Himalayas makes for a unique experience. It is a cultural centre for the city. The organisation managing the rink, The Ice Skating Club of Shimla, hosts national level competitions, events and carnivals where the regular practitioners put up intricately choreographed performances.

ice skating in shimla
Ice skating Carnival

Ice Skating Carnival

Every year, the first snowfall in the valley marks the inauguration of the Ice Skating Carnival, Shimla. The locals come together to celebrate this grand festival that witnesses several visitors from different parts of the country and the world. Those looking for an adrenaline rush can participate in the carnival, which offers different kinds of ice skating competitions. There is also a wide array of fun activities to take part in. Some teams and groups also showcase soulful cultural performances and colourful fancy-dress competitions. Come for a memorable experience and an exciting time filled with fun and frolic!

Best Time to Go Ice Skating

One of the most popular attractions in Shimla is the ice skating rink. During the winter months, the rink gets completely frozen due to heavy snowfall. This makes the rink suitable for ice skating.

Ice crystal

Things to Carry with You

Due to the chilly weather, it is mandatory to carry woollen layers while visiting the rink. Gloves or mittens and socks are a must. Protect your legs with either leggings or warm pants and ensure they are comfortable and flexible. Make sure to not overdo your layers. It is best to wear one light jacket to keep you sufficiently warm.