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Leh Ladakh - A Bikers Journey to Tranquility

Man riding on the bike amidst the mountains

A bike journey to Ladakh can be an unforgettable experience. Ladakh, located in the northernmost part of India, is known for its rugged terrain, snow-capped mountains, and pristine lakes. The region is a popular destination for adventure seekers, and it offers a variety of scenic routes for a bike trip. For ambitious wanderers, winding through some of these highest motorable roads in the world while taking in the breathtaking sights is an experience in itself. One can visit Ladakh via Shimla and Manali. If you are taking the route via Shimla, make sure to rest and pamper yourself to a relaxing stay at The Orchid Hotel, Shimla. If you are planning to take this route, read our “Best Time to Visit Shimla” blog to know about the ideal time to take the route. Typically, the journey begins in Delhi and passes via some of Ladakh's most famous landmarks, including the Zanskar Valley, Magnetic Hill, and the Khardung La Pass, the world's highest highway road. If you are interested in embarking on a Leh Ladakh bike trip, know about the route from Delhi to this paradisiacal destination.

The distance between Delhi and Ladakh is approximately 1023 km on bike. Bikers can bypass the Ladakh highways by taking one of the many incredible routes from Delhi to Leh. which passes Mandi, Manali, Jispa, Sarchu and Tanglang La.

Delhi - Mandi - Manali

Delhi to Leh bike trip route is known for its scenic beauty. There are numerous stunning hill towns close to Delhi that have excellent paths that lead to Leh. One such well-liked location is Manali, which is recognized as the Kullu Valley's oldest town. This stunning hill town, which welcomes visitors with snow-capped mountains, cosy cafes, and lively streets, is poised with an air of tranquillity. From exploring the busy Mall Road to the serene Old Manali and the stunning Hadimba Temple, there are numerous things to do in Manali. As much as it is a refreshing way to explore the unknown, a bike ride can be quite strenuous. Take a break and rejuvenate your soul, and pamper yourself with a luxurious stay at The Orchid Hotel Manali - a Boutique Hotel, situated in the picturesque valley of Manali.

Stream flowing with stones and tress on sides
Snowcapped mountains with mood glowing on top

Manali - Jispa

Jispa is a small settlement in its own right which is located 137 kilometres from Manali and is located at an elevation of 10500 feet. Manali to Jispa is a magical journey! On the route to Jispa, there are several tourist destinations to visit, including a stunning but modest monastery, a museum, and hiking trails. Jispa is the last village in the Lahul Valley area and serves as a rest stop for travellers heading to Leh.

Sarchu - Tangalang La

Sarchu Village is located at an elevation of 14,500 feet between Baralacha La Pass and Lachung La Pass. It serves as a stopover for travellers and adventurers on the Manali-Leh highway. Sarchu is the pinnacle of beauty and draws trekkers from across the nation. The stunning surroundings combine elements of the arid Ladakh terrain with Manali's lush surroundings. At a height of almost 17,500 feet, the Tanglang La Pass, one of the highest motorable passes in the world, is situated here. The area is incredibly serene and offers a wide-angle view of the nearby valleys. As it sways away from the main route, the pass offers a spectacular sight.

Brown mountains with with trees and small huts
White coloured Buddhist monestry with colourful flags

Tanglang La - Leh Ladakh

The Tanglang La Pass is adorned with colourful Buddhist prayer flags that flutter in the air. Despite the fact that the path is challenging, many adventure seekers travel on this route each year. The breathtaking views and expansive countryside allure many nature enthusiasts. It serves as a rest stop for Changpa herdsmen who travel in search of grass with their flocks of sheep and goats. You will discover peace beyond your wildest dreams after travelling 114 kilometres from Tanglang La to Leh, which features wondrous scenery, beautiful skies, the highest mountain passes, exhilarating adventure activities, and a Buddhist monastery.

What to Carry

A Ladakh bike trip can be difficult because of the high altitude, harsh terrain, and unpredictability of the weather, so it's crucial to be mentally and physically prepared for the trip. Other essentials include a dependable bike, appropriate clothes, and supplies. Bring along a cosy jacket, a knee guard, winter riding gloves, socks, high ankle boots and lastly a waterproof or rain protection jackets. For the ride, do not forget to carry a few refreshments like chocolates, dry fruits, protein bars and water bottles. It is also necessary to have mobile chargers, power banks and important documents like driving license. If you are prone to motion sickness, then make sure to carry appropriate medicines as well.

Travel things to pack along with map, boots

Overall, biking through Ladakh is a unique and exciting way to discover one of India's most stunning and inaccessible locations. A Ladakh bike journey can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, regardless of whether you are an expert rider or a beginner.