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Dapoli - A Coastal Hill Station

View of the Murud beach by evening

For some, the ideal vacation comprises basking in the sun, taking a dip in the sea to cool off and enjoying the breeze at a beach, while others crave a nip in the air, wallowing among the clouds at a hill station. With its extensive beaches and rolling hills, Dapoli is a coastal hill station that’s got you covered either way. The Dapoli coastline stretches over 50 km from Velas to Dabhol, while the city is located at an altitude of 800 ft. and has year-round cool weather. The city encompasses several charming little villages such as Agarvayangani, Kelashi, Mandivali, Dabhil, and much more.

Experience the best of Dapoli beaches and hills when you visit these endearing gems, and enjoy a restful stay at Lotus Eco Beach Resort.

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Murud Beach

Murud Beach, Dapoli, is a golden sands beach located in Raigad on the west coast, overlooking the Arabian Sea. Dotted with distinguished forts, coconut trees and palm trees, this beach boasts a mesmeric atmosphere. Visitors can indulge in water-based adventure sports here, or lay back and enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean. If you wish to stay near Murud Beach, our Dapoli beach resort offers elegant accommodations that will blow you away.

Karde Beach

Karde Beach, Dapoli, is a relatively secluded beach where you can enjoy some peace and quiet to the backdrop of the ocean and soft sands. Visitors can enjoy dolphin rides way out into the ocean, or kick back and watch beautiful flocks of migratory birds soar over the beach. To top it all, there are green hills located just beside the beach, making this spot a picture-worthy destination, so remember to carry your camera.

Ladghar Beach

Ladghar Beach, the home of water-based adventure sports in Ratnagiri, is a haven for adventure sports enthusiasts. Prepare for a thrilling time, boosted with adrenaline, as you take part in the exciting activities at this beach. Ladghar Beach, located just 6 km from the popular Karde Beach, is lined with red pebbles at the start, welcoming visitors with grandeur. After a riveting experience at the beach, visitors can satiate their hunger pangs by gorging on sumptuous treats at the village.

trekking path with a rock arch

Panhalekaji Caves

The Panhalekaji Caves encompass 29 Buddhist caves, carved by the Hinayana sect from as early as the 3rd century. These caves, located 20 km from the Dapoli-Dabhol Road, are inscribed in Brahmi and Devanagiri scripts. It also features stunning sculptures and idols of Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati. Head on over to Panhalekaji Caves, and witness the glorious history of the locale.

Parshuram Bhumi

Parshuram Bhumi, located 11 km away from Dapoli, is a splendorous spot with a 21 ft. statue of Lord Parshurama standing over the earth. It is located atop a scenic hill that treats its visitors to uninterrupted views of Tamstirtha Red Sea Beach. The ocean water at this beach appears red because of the red rocks and pebbles that the waves crash over. It is a spectacular spot to witness sunsets when the sky turns red to complement the sea.

Unhavare Village

Unhavare is a small village in Dapoli with a small population, spanning 780 acres. At the heart of the valley where this village lies, you will find natural hot springs near a river basin, surrounded by forests, fields and hills. The hot spring water is said to be therapeutic for skin problems. Visit the captivating Unhavare Village and embrace the culture of the locals.