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Famous Places in Dapoli

Image of a sunrise over waves

Gorgeous Konkan Beaches

When planning for a trip to Dapoli beaches is definitely what you are looking for. After all a weekend by the salty breeze and gentle waves of the turquoise waters is what some would define paradise to be like. Here are some of the beaches that you need to explore when in Dapoli - 

The Murud beach is perfect for swimming or indulging in water activities. Go paragliding or on a banana boat ride while you are here and if you want to stay on land for the day, build sandcastles and get in touch with your inner child!

Maybe you want to get in touch with the nature lover within and are seeking solace from the crowd. The Ladghar Beach is a gorgeous cove with Ricky cliffs and several pebbles to admire. 

On the other hand if you want to spot a dolphin to two, maybe go snorkelling or even other islands on the sea check out the Anjarle Beach. Filled with lush greenery it is a haven for both nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. 

Famous places of Dapoli | Unhavare Hot Springs (Picture for representation purpose  only)

Unhavare Hot Springs

Nestled in the hills of Dapoli the Unhavare hot springs is your go to place for taking a dip in water. The water is rich in minerals and the warm temperature feels therapeutic. The legend surrounding this hot spring believes this famous place to contain healing powers and you may also explore the area before or after your dip.

An Image of pillars of a temple

Explore Ancient Caves

The Panhalakaji Caves hosts 30 Hindu and Buddhist caves in the complex. Filled with 3rd-century AD carvings and scripts written in Brahmi and Devnagri script this is a site for those curious about history and architecture. With a total of 29 caves, the site commands that some time be taken out from the day dedicated to exploring and admiring the complex.

A scenic view of the Murud beach with greenery on one side

Travel to the past at Suvarnadurg Fort

A site of war and conflict ever since its construction, Suvarnadurg stands as a testament to Dapoli's rich history. As a coastal town, this is another area where you can live in the past again. The majestic structure when looked at from above resembles a necklace.


Therefore, this makes it to the list of famous places of Dapoli that should not be skipped during your stay. Speaking of staying in this welcoming coastal town The Lotus Eco Beach Resort has beautiful sea view and Konkan style rooms to make your stay authentic; and after a day of soaking up the sun at the beach or exploring Dapoli the hotel has got you covered if you want to try out Konkani Coastal Food. With mouth watering sea food options to choose from and with a location to die for this resort will redefine your idea of what the beautiful Konkan coast has to offer.