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Famous Food in Dapoli

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Exotic coastline, picturesque oceans and an abundance of marine life constitute the beautiful coastal town of Dapoli. It is blessed with a wide variety of fresh seafood, seasoned with rich Konkan and Malavani spices. From delicious pomfret to flavourful mackerel, Dapoli cuisine features a marvellous confluence of Indian and Portuguese flavours. We have curated a list of the best food in Dapoli you must try. Taste the authenticity of the local dishes while you relish the scenic beauty of this coastal wonder.

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Konkani Grilled Fish

Konkani cuisine has some of the best appetizers and Konkani Grilled Fish is one of them. The bass fillet or pomfret slices are thoroughly seasoned and marinated in a beautiful infusion of grounded Konkani masala. These pieces are pan-fried or grilled till the outer layer is covered with a beautiful charred layer. As you bite into the crispy outer layer, you will be treated with tender fish meat. Pair this deliciousness with a warm plate of steamed rice and fish gravy for a wholesome dining experience.

Bombil Fry

Bombil Fry is a popular Konkani food in Murud, Dapoli, made of Bombil duck. Do not confuse Bombil duck with a bird! It is a type of fish found in the Konkan belt. The strips of fish are coated with layers of rice flour and semolina with a mix of Indian spices and herbs. These marinated pieces are shallow fried till the outer layer becomes golden brown. Served along with lemon wedges and onion slices, it tastes best with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Shark Ambotik

Shark Ambotika owns a special place on the list of Konkani and Malavani dishes. Although the dish was inspired by Portuguese cuisine, it has transformed into a household meal. The word Ambotika in Konkani stands for hot and tangy and this epicurean delight delivers just that! The delicate shark meat is doused with rich tastes of tamarind and Konkani spices. If you do not prefer coconut in your diet, this is the ideal choice for you. Experience an aromatic explosion of flavours while indulging in this dish. It tastes best when served with pav, sannas or rice.

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Spicy Indian Mackerel Curry

If you have a high level of spice tolerance, Spicy Indian Mackerel Curry is the perfect dish for you. Mackerel fishes are known for their distinct texture and flavour, loaded with vitamins and minerals. The delightful concoction of grated coconut along with a generous portion of garlic-chilli paste and mackerel fish gives you a taste of the sea. Taste the freshness of the fish meat, which is delectably complemented by its aromatic curry. Do not forget to add this preparation to your lunch menu along with a bowl of rice!

Kurle Ambat

Next on our list of famous seafood in Dapoli, we have Kurle Ambat, a mildly spicy Konkani dish. The preparation starts with marinating the clams with grounded spices and condiments followed by sauteing and seasoning them with flavourful herbs. The peppery taste of the curry is nicely balanced by the sweet coconut milk, which will leave your taste buds tickling. Order this Malavani dish when you are in Dapoli and have it with rice and roti.

Several of the restaurants that populate Dapoli are well-known for serving these ambrosial delicacies. One such is Wadi, a fine-dining restaurant in Dapoli. Situated in the middle of Lotus Eco Beach Resort, the restaurant is adorned with vivid Warali artwork and a picturesque view of Murud Beach. We serve appetising Konkani and Malvani delicacies, prepared meticulously by our talented chefs. If you are craving delicious seafood, come to Wadi and spend a lovely time with your friends and family while relishing a wide variety of fresh catches from the sea!