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A Closer Look at Suvarnadurg Fort, Dapoli

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Dapoli, a city with the perfect blend of coastal lines and hilly terrain, is a place of great historic importance. Once famous for being a campsite of the British, it is home to several ancient forts and historical landmarks. One such monument is Suvarnadurga Fort - a 16th-century citadel located on a dainty island in the Arabian Sea. The word “Suvarna” means gold in English, thus landing it the title “Golden Fort”. One of the most striking features of the fort is its breathtaking location on the western coast of India, surrounded by the crashing waves of the sea.

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Inside Suvarnadurga Fort

Due to its location on an island, guests can only visit the site via boat. Ferry and boat services can be found at Harne harbour. The ride across the sea sets the exploration in motion, treating travellers to splendid views of the luscious greenery and hillscape nearby. As you step into the main entrance, you can feast your eyes on the marvellous sculptures and carvings of Lord Hanuman on the walls - a living attestation of the bygone era. As you wander through the carved halls, you will soon come in contact with a secret passage that leads to the bastions of the fort. There are a total of 24 bastions which, from above, look like an intricately woven necklace!

History Behind the Fort

Being one of the most prominent forts in the Konkan region, Suvarnadurg has a rich history. It is where Kanhoji Angre - one of the most famous military leaders in Maratha history - was born. As the reign of the Nizamshahi dynasty neared its end in the 16th century, the fort came under the rule of the Adilshahi family. In 1660, it was conquered by the Maratha king Shivaji. In 1698, Kanhoji Angre became the head of the Marathi Naval Force, earning the title ‘Sarkhel’ in the process. After his promotion, armada camps were established in Vijaydurga and Suvarnadurga. Following his rule, the Peshwas had a strong grasp on the fort till 1731. In 1818, the British took over the fort under the guidance of Colonel Kennedy.

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Best Time to Visit the Fort

Suvarnadurg Fort, Dapoli, is a stunning piece of architecture that holds a lot of history behind its walls. As you walk through the hallways, you are encompassed by the mystical aura of the fort that hides secrets untold! To experience the landmark in its entirety, we recommend visiting after the monsoon months, preferably between November and May. It is the best time to visit, as the lack of rain and resulting vegetation makes the site easy to walk around and explore.

Where to Stay


Dapoli has several cottages and resorts near Suvarnadurg Fort. One of the most prominent among these is Lotus Eco Beach Resort, which is located a short 6.2 km away. It is a beachside resort that brings forth an amalgamation of sheer comfort and opulence. With cottages overlooking the fresh verdure and mouth-watering Konkan preparations waiting for you at the in-house restaurant, an idyllic vacation awaits you at Lotus Eco Beach Resort, Murud Beach-Dapoli.