A Lot Can Happen Over Tea

A cup of tea, gently brewed to perfection, is a near pleasure that rejuvenates your senses. Popularly known as chai, it is the most consumed beverage globally, second to water. It is the most integral part of many people and it carries an emotion that cannot be expressed. The tea drinking culture has surpassed all limits and expectations and many business deals take a leap ahead in the conversation with the presence of an amazing chai. The aroma seduces you to keep wanting more, so take a pause to put your hands together for some artistic fun of mixing, blending and stirring the tea.


Green Tea
A perfect companion to all the fitness freaks and the beauty pageants is the green tea. This health-signifying beverage is consumed all over the globe; from America to India, this tea is a favourite choice of many. The medicinal benefits of this tea will save you from putting in extra efforts in the gym.

Black tea

Black tea comes off strong and delicious amongst all the others on the list. This refreshing tea comes oxidised, bruised and wilted along with water and sugar added to it. The tea is the first choice of people at any time of the day. It has been the topic of trade since its origin and has never lost its charm.

Masala Tea

The authentic masala tea was first originated in the Indian subcontinent which later came to light to the rest of the world. This famous beverage comes as an extension of black tea with the combination of various kinds of spices, herbs and milk. This unconventional type of tea is mostly viewed as a medicine rather than a beverage.

Herbal tea

Herbal tea is prepared by imposing decoction of herbs, spices and other plant materials into the hot water. This combination of all types of herbs come off forming a unique beverage itself. This cancer-preventing beverage has a lot of medicinal properties that will refresh your spine.


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