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Eco-Friendly Mumbai - Plastic Ban Or A Blessing In Disguise?

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Mumbai is often known as the ‘City of Dreams’. The commercial capital of India attracts thousands of people every day and houses a population of almost 19 million people. The residents here, known fondly as Mumbaikars, go about their daily lives without even realizing how much harm is being done to the beloved city. Plastic - one small word which is a bigger threat in reality. The plastic bags which people have used and thrown till now, unaware of the implications, are becoming a burning problem for Mumbai and Mumbaikars alike. At long last, the Maharashtra government decided it was time to put a stop to the plastic nuisance.

ban plastic initiative by the orchid hotel mumbai
ban plastic initiative by the orchid hotel mumbai

As of June 23, 2018, the government decided to implement the initiative proposed by Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam, plastic products are now banned from use across the state of Maharashtra. This decision has been made and implemented keeping in mind the well-being of the people and the environment in general. The ban prohibits the use of polythene bags that are used in modern day for multiple purposes. This move has been strictly enforced by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and is being carefully monitored by a team of officials from the BMC.

The major areas of Mumbai are being monitored and controlled by the BMC to prohibit the use of plastic bags and other consumable plastic items. In Andheri, Borivali, and Malad, the members of the BMC secretly conducted raids and penalized vendors who were found in possession of plastic products that fall under the ban. As per the law, heavy fines will be imposed for the possession and distribution of such plastic materials and imprisonment up to 3 months may also be imposed. The government has issued strict orders to the manufacturers and distributors of such banned items to stop the production and circulation of plastic and polythene consumables.

At The Orchid Hotel Mumbai Vile Parle, we support this move towards a cleaner and eco-friendly Maharashtra. As an ecotel hotel in Mumbai, we strive to keep ourselves environment-friendly and pollutant free. We have maintained strict control over the use of plastic consumables on the premises and have encouraged our staff to maintain the same throughout their own homes. 

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With eco-friendly practices being a part of our environment-friendly hotel in Mumbai, we have hosted several events on Earth Hour, Environment Day, Recycling Day etc. to spread awareness amongst our guests and the public. it is only through general awareness of the public that we can move towards an eco-friendly city.

Let us unite in the endeavor to make the city of Mumbai plastic-free. Let us pledge to stop the use of plastic consumables together. At the Orchid Mumbai Vile Parle, we believe in the use of natural and eco-friendly products and practices, making us the leading ecotel hotel in Maharashtra.