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Romantic Date Ideas in Mumbai

Mumbai - the city that never sleeps, is one of the most iconic places in India, with a rich history in the entertainment industry. This city is full of life, and anyone who has stayed here is bewitched by its beauty and charm. The younger population finds this city extremely intriguing, and rightfully so, owing to the sheer volume of things and places that can be explored in this city, especially for a date night. Places in Mumbai are aplenty for these special nights. We have compiled a few date ideas that people can explore with their special ones in Mumbai.

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Dinner at MG’S

While the taste of food is quite important, ambience plays a vital role in the overall experience. Orchid Hotel, Vile Parle, houses an assortment of restaurants and pubs that is perfect for your next date! Our in-house restaurant, MG'S, offers a wonderful selection of barbecue dishes for non-vegetarians and vegetarians. The gentle breeze, aromas of barbecued food and indulging in finely crafted cocktails while viewing the magnificent Mumbai skyline will surely stimulate your senses. Sharing a plate of exquisite food while enjoying your partner’s company is undoubtedly one of the best expressions of love!

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Late Night Movie

Cinephile couples that are new to Mumbai must watch a late-night show in a popular theatre complex. The dimmed lights create the perfect atmosphere while you witness moving images that bring stories to life. You find yourself transported into another world and experiencing stories rather than listening to them. Late-night movies are for romantics who love a place where the line differentiating dreams and reality becomes hazy. A night show in Mumbai is magical, and this should be on your bucket list if you’re visiting or staying in this wonderful city!

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Midnight Buffet at Boulevard Cafe

Midnight cravings are common, and the beauty of Mumbai is that there are plenty of options to satiate your hunger. This date idea is perfect for couples with a refined palate who wish to satisfy their hunger pangs. Visit Boulevard Cafe in Orchid Hotel, Vile Parle, and enjoy a buffet meal with an impressive spread at midnight. Night-time is an excellent setting for romantic ideas as it is quiet, calm and serene, and it’s a brief escape from reality where you cherish your loved one’s company.

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Beach Picnic and Sunset at Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai. Plan a picnic with your partner, pack some food, sip on your favourite beverage and thoroughly cherish each other’s company. Experience the salt-laced air, the refreshing breeze, and the sight of the sun setting in the evening while the skies reflect brilliant hues of pink, orange and purple. This is the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening, and just as the darkness sets in, the city lights start to twinkle and come to life!

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Stand-Up Comedy

Mumbai, well known for its roots in the entertainment industry, is a hub for quality stand-up comedy. Venues like That Comedy Club (Bandra), The Cuckoo Club (Bandra), The Habitat (Khar West) and many other places have hosted some of the best comedians across India. Infamous comedians like Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kenny Sebastian, Kannan Gill, Atul Khatri and Sumukhi Suresh often visit this wonderful city for a gig. Share a fun evening with your partner as you giggle and laugh while strengthening your bond through humour.

Mumbai is a fascinating city, brimming with life. This city is known for its rustic charm, high-rise buildings, art, culture, food and a lot more. Here is an interesting read on facts about Mumbai that will help readers understand more about this ever-evolving city!