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The Worship of The Feminine

The festival that rings bells for valour, wealth, and wisdom, and proclaims good over evil is the elegant feminine carnival of Navratri. As the name suggests ‘Navratri’, meaning nine nights, this Hindu festival runs for 9 long days and is dedicated to Goddess Durga Mata, each day symbolizes her different forms. The celebrations of this delightful carnival can be witnessed during the month of October where the whole country recites the same enthusiasm in unison.

durga puja navratri at the orchid hotel mumbai

The Indian festival of Navratri signifies the embodiment of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati which idolises the concept of the three elements of the universe, the earth, the sun, and the moon respectively. The nine days of the festival are classified in a consistent manner. The first three days are dedicated to Goddess Durga Mata, indicating strength and power, the next three days to Goddess Lakshmi, idealising wealth and prosperity, and the last three days are dedicated to Saraswati, symbolising knowledge and wisdom. The tenth day is the Vijayadashami, that talks about the triumph over all these three aspects of life.

idol of goddess durga

The festival is a mere reflection of human desires and the need to go limitless in all dimensions of life. Get yourself to our hotel in Mumbai to celebrate the divine feminine goddesses where they behold the process of the entire nature, from life to death. Revel in the festival of nine nights with Boulevard's scrumptious Navratri Special spread at The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai. There is 20% off on the midnight buffet. Join your hands with us to worship and recite prayers together. Our eco-friendly hotel in Mumbai offers a range of opulent rooms with cozy beds, specially crafted to unify comfort and luxury.