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A Few Unknown Facts About Navaratri

Navaratri, a festival that is symbolised as nine sacred days representing nine avatars of the goddess, Mother Durga. Across the country, this holy festival in Pune is heartily welcomed to celebrate with absolute delight and to seek blessing from the goddess. As these blessed nine days begin, let us throw some light on the facts and rituals on Navaratri and greet Ma Durga to our humble abode.

Good Over Evil


The celebration of the victory of good over evil, when Goddess Durga ended the atrocities of the demon, Mahishasura.

Fascinated by the Goddess’s beauty, the demon proclaimed to marry her, to which she agreed but only if he defeats her in the battle. Nine days and nine nights of frightening battle, Durga killed the evil on the tenth day.

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Navaratri Celebrations 3

Lord Ram

In North India, it is believed that Lord Ram worshipped the Goddess for nine days to seek her blessings and strength to kill the evil Raavan. Due to this belief in the worship of the Goddess, the evilness in the universe is presumed to be eliminated.

The Days of Honour

The Gods in the heavens granted the wish of the Goddess to visit her mother for nine days in a year. The festival is said to celebrate the happiness of the mother and daughter meeting each other.

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Navaratri Celebrations with garba

Garba and Dandiya

Two conventional dance forms, Garba and Dandiya are now blended to bring the two communities together to celebrate these nine days with one another. The merge of these dances is extensively popular during the festival.

The Offerings

For prosperity and happiness, the ladies plant varied types of grains during these nine days of Navaratri. The offerings to the Goddess are majorly the saplings of those planted grains.

Navaratri Celebrations at pune

The traditional rituals of the festival are followed all over the country and despite the fact, Navaratri is celebrated with a notion of flamboyance in life. The lively crowd of fans and celebrities make the festival full of life. How the Bollywood movies depict the Navaratri festival seems to be placed perfectly here with all of the high-spiritedness.

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