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Agriculture Around The World - An Innovative Insight

Ever since the advent of mankind, agriculture has been the primary tool for sustenance and growth of the people. Human beings shifted from being hunters and gatherers to becoming producers of food. In today's world, these 'producers' are known as farmers although they have a bigger role than merely growing food. They act as the guardians of natural resources: soils, water, biodiversity and seeds. The work done by these protectors involves changing, adapting and creating new ways of working the land, dealing with difficult terrains and enduring extreme climates and weather phenomena. With the advancement in technology and modern-day innovation, we can improve the efforts and work done by farmers. That is why innovation in agriculture has become a global practice.

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Agriculture and farming requires a lot of human effort and is becoming increasingly difficult for farmers due to the population explosion across the globe, which has resulted in a lot of mouths to feed and thus, increased demand of food. With the help of innovative solutions in agriculture, the effort for growing food can be reduced as well as the supply of food can also be optimized. Innovation in agriculture cuts across all dimensions of the production cycle along the entire value chain - from crop, forestry, fishery or livestock production to the management of inputs and resources to market access.

Some Miraculous Innovations From Around The World

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Here are some of the modern innovations which have been used in various countries to make an impact in agricultural methods and practices:
  • In the Dominican Republic, the outbreak of the Mediterranean fruit fly in 2015 forced the country to enact an immediate ban on its exports of fruits and vegetables, severely damaging the country’s second most important source of income. As a potential solution, the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) was introduced, using which the male insects were sterilized to prevent mating of the insects. The population of the insects was officially neutralised by 2017. The entire process was eco-friendly and caused no damage to the habitat.
  • In Tanzania, rural people have difficulty in earning a sustainable income. As a means of alternative income source, farmers have come up with multi-purpose uses for the Allanblackia tree, as its seed oil is rich in nutrients. This oil can be processed to produce new products like skin creams and lotions. These products have gained fame and acclaim in the international markets and are in high demand. The revenue generated from this innovative method is alleviating poverty as well as preserving biodiversity at the same time.
  • Technology has also been a great aid in providing efficient solutions to complex agricultural problems. A prominent example is the artificial intelligence platform, Agripredict, started by a company in Zambia, which was also the winner at the 2018 #HackAgainstHunger competition in Rwanda. Using high-resolution photography, the platform can help detect the presence of pests or diseases. It can also determine the probability of invasions by pests, such as the Fall Armyworm, and analyze the possibility of adverse weather patterns such as drought, floods and cold fronts.

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In India, we have also started adopting newer ways to incorporate new ways of helping agriculture. The government of Telangana state has implemented a new insurance scheme called Rythu Bandhu. This programme grants farmers in the state INR 4000 per acre per season to support farm investments and purchase farm inputs. The Rythu Bandhu staff organises and collects data on utilization of the grants and lands in order to help successful crop planning.

The future of our country and also the world depends on such creative breakthroughs as shown above. However, it is also important that we develop new schemes and methods while keeping in mind the safety of the environment. At The Orchid Hotel Pune, we strive to achieve our goals of innovation in agriculture, the eco-friendly way! As part of this initiative, we have introduced the Herb Garden, where we employ organic methods to grow our own herbs and vegetables right inside our eco-friendly hotel in Pune. Our produce includes basil, parsley, lettuce and many more which we also provide as food for our guests. Innovation is necessary, and as an Hotel in Pune, we strongly convey this message.
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