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Spice Up the Monsoon Times

A diverse and multicultural country like India radiates in the vibrancy of many traditions, practices, art and of course - food. India is known for its colorful and diverse culinary, which has become an integral part of us. People from far and wide visit India to get an authentic taste of our food - which is loaded with intricate combinations of several spices. It could be a big punch of spice that you feel at once or the lingering fire on your palate after you have gobbled up your meal - our spices are one of our major culinary assets. 

Monsoon is the season of rain, chai, and hot, spicy snacks. While it is important to enjoy the rain, it is also important to make sure that one doesn’t fall ill. Here are some spices that not just paint your tongue with delightful flavors but also keep you healthy and fit to help you enjoy the pleasant weather:


Monsoon spices


Popularly known as ‘Methi’ in India, this spice is not only popular for its medicinal properties but is also known for the authentic taste that it brings to the food. They are not just rich in proteins, carbohydrates and in vitamins but are also known to reduce cholesterol levels. A spoonful of fenugreek soaked overnight in water is the best antiseptic and anti-inflammatory formula. This monsoon, fight your stomach related problems using the power of Fenugreek. 

Monsoon spices black pepper


Nothing beats a masala chai with the right amount of crushed pepper on a rainy day. Be it whole or crushed - the black peppercorns have been extensively used in Indian cooking. It is known to reduce fevers and is an excellent antibiotic. Whether adding a delightful smoky flavour to your food or fighting stomach related problems - this spice is sure to triumph them all. A fine dash of pepper in your sandwich, sambar, and chai works like no other.


Monsoon spices tumeric


Turmeric is the household antiseptic that we all know. It’s medicinal properties have been known for a long time. No wonder that our families have been adding a dash of turmeric to everything; from our daily glass of milk and dal to some of the most complex, spicy dishes turmeric occupies a special place for itself. Consume a healthy helping of turmeric through your tasty delicacies to keep flu and fever at bay, this monsoon.

Monsoon spices clove


This spice is high on anti-immune properties and fights against stomach aches and ulcers, diarrhoea, constipation and more. Cloves have a very high amount of antioxidants which are helpful in maintaining our health during the monsoon. Besides the medicinal properties, cloves also have a unique flavour which is sure to enhance the taste of your food. 

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