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The Best Restaurants in Pune

A very few travellers and tourists would disagree that the culinary experience during a trip enhances the memories made out of it. Indulging in the local cuisine of the area you are visiting, brings you closer to the native culture and heritage of the place. Meanwhile, seeking a much more mixed palate comprising cuisines from around the world is just another way of embarking on a different culinary venture. Nonetheless, we can agree that food forms an integral part of any good trip! If your next travel destination is Pune and you are tackling questions about the restaurants you should try out in this city, we have just the answers for you!

Little Italy

One of the most well-known and popular destinations for Italian cuisine lovers is Little Italy. Pune has several outlets of this famous chain. However, the Shivaji Nagar outlet is the closest to The Orchid Hotel, Pune. Here, you can enjoy a delectable spread of the best Italian dishes in town. The restaurant serves a wide variety of delicacies ranging from pizzas to pasta, to some of the best lip-smacking dessert items. There is a reason this restaurant sees a rush of customers almost always. Order your favourite combinations of toppings on your pizza and bask in the perfect ambience of this amazing restaurant.

rice and noodles in  a plate - The Orchid Hotel Pune
grilled food in a plate with red bellpepper - The Orchid Hotel Pune

Zafraan Exotica

If you are seeking a restaurant that specializes in providing a suitable atmosphere for an intimate candlelight dinner in Pune, head to Zafraan Exotica for an unforgettable experience. The restaurant serves food from both North Indian and Oriental cuisines. Besides, the service is also top-notch along with a range of premium drinks and wines to choose from. It also hosts one of the most exquisite lunch and dinner buffets, making it one of the best restaurants in Pune. Also keep out an eye for exclusive offers characteristic of certain holiday seasons!

Kaafila-The Rooftop Lounge

Pune is known to have a picturesque skyline, best enjoyed from an elevated view point, and what better way to enjoy the panorama than relishing it with your favourite dish? Kaafila-The Rooftop Lounge is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Pune and is perfect for those seeking good food, good ambience, and a beautiful view of the bustling city. Customers have returned to this restaurant time and again mainly because of the quality of food, service and environment. Take aesthetic pictures while savouring a plate of hot and sauce-drenced pasta or a cool and comforting dessert.

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restaurant in balwadi - The Orchid Hotel Pune

Santè Spa Cuisine

Santè Spa Cuisine is the perfect option for travellers who are seeking to eat healthy. The restaurant runs on the agenda of providing authentic organic food to its customers and to that end guarantees that all their ingredients are free of preservatives and harmful chemicals. Santè Spa Cuisine offers a large menu of healthy options comprising starters, main courses, side dishes and tit-bits. The restaurant in Pune is one of the several outlets spread across the country. Enjoy a healthy meal at this exclusive restaurant without the worries of intaking too much calories or fat!

Pune is dotted with excellent restaurants and dining options. We have listed but just a few selections that are easily reachable from The Orchid Hotel. So, wait no more - book your stay with us now and enjoy these delightful restaurants!